Warlords Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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Need a 6502 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

  • WARLORDS.3.3
F eatures - Supports cocktail, upright with mirror or upright without mirror!... more
Product information "Warlords Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


Features -

  • Supports cocktail, upright with mirror or upright without mirror!
  • Permanently saves all scores
  • Top 5 scores saved for single OR Team Play!
  • Freeplay / Attract Mode
  • Software Dips and settings menu at startup
  • Can boot straight to game
  • Easy to install
  • Rom Saver - Original program roms can be removed



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Customer reviews for "Warlords Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
20 Sep 2023

Very happy with this kit

Fast shopping and works great!

17 Aug 2023

A good save kit to own

7 May 2023

Excellent kit

Thanks Highscoresaves.com!

29 Apr 2023

Wonderful save kit, from a great company!

Easiest installation ever!

9 Aug 2022

Yes! Great save kit for Warlords!!

28 Jan 2022

Easy to install in a Warlords cocktail cabinet

This is the way it should have been originally

28 Oct 2021

Another great kit from Highscoresaves!

We love the features!

29 Aug 2021

Added to my cocktail Warlords!

Now we can save scores while playing for dollar bills. Lol. My friends suck at this game

11 Aug 2021

Best addition to my Warlords cabinet!

Great features, simple installation

23 Mar 2021

Amazing kit and service from Highscoresaves

Very fast shipping

13 Feb 2021

The only kit for Warlords

Only kit for Warlords, best customer service

20 Dec 2020

Rare kit for a rare game

Works perfectly!

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