How to setup WiFi module for online save kits


ENSURE YOU GO INTO THE KIT'S SETTINGS TO ENTER THE SK AND PK KEYS THAT WERE SENT TO YOU, AND SET IT TO ON-T. This would already be done if you're upgrading from CAT5 to WiFi, however, needs to be done before setting up a brand new save kit.


1. Open you phone to the WiFi Settings [in this example, we are using an Android phone, the network is named Iron_Man and the online kit being installed is the 3DK Multigame] - 

12axfCLFUn5arc2. Select 3DK Multi as the network [when prompted, select top option "Connect only this time" - 

2VXp1CVVW3Y6oc 3. Open your browser and connect to -


4. You are now connected to the WiFi Manager - 


5. Select your network name from the top [SSID] and enter your password.

Then, hit SAVE.

*Ensure you type your password correctly or it will not sync to your network - 


It will look like this -


 6. You should see these screens - 




That's it! 

Now it will take up to 1 minute to connect to your wireless network and the game will start the attract screen or menu depending on your save kit. In this example [3DK Multi] it will boot to your game selection menu.

If this did not connect, verify your password and SSID are correct.

You can reset this WiFi module by holding down the reset button on the WiFi module for 5 seconds [with your game powered on] and connect to a new network or reenter your credentials.




On your monitor messages -


Initialization status, this is good.


You are successfully connected to your WLAN network successfully connected to 

(This message is fast, so, sometimes the "DHCP OK" can not be seen)

  •  DHCP ERROR A / DHCP ERROR F (alternately)

WLAN WiFi module couldn't connect to the saved access point and went to "setup-mode"  [module goes into access point mode that customer can setup his network]

    - OR -

WLAN WiFi module isn't set up to the access point yet and module is in access point mode that customer can setup his network

[when WLAN WiFi module is in access point mode, customer has 10 minutes to set up his network. In this time, the green and the red led on the savekit pcb are flashing alternatively]

  •  DNS ERROR A / DNS ERROR D (Alternating)

WLAN is connected, module tries to connect to and gets an error message in response.

This can be either due wrong PK/SK or customer isn't set up in database yet or customer is not allowed to send scores [when error, the red led on the savekit pcb is flashing very fast for about 1 second]