Gorf Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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Need a z80 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

  • GORF.3.3
New Kit Version 3.0! Easy install -  No soldering, board modifications... more
Product information "Gorf Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


  • New Kit Version 3.0!
  • Easy install - No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in and go!
  • Save your scores forever -  We use a serial eprom, not failure prone NVRAM or batteries
  • High Score Save - Saves the Top 5 scores!
  • Initial Entry -You can now now enter your initials!
  • Has separate score tables - Different high score saving for number of lives chosen! (2, 3, 4 or 5 lives are separate HSS tables!)
  • Attract Sounds - Hear what you've been missing! Set on or off during the attract screen rotation!
  • Language - Select English or German
  • Freeplay - No more coins or opening up the coin door!
  • Coin Up - Still supports coins if wanted
  • Attract Mode - Minimize your screen burn. No more "static" screens!
  • Change DIP settings - On screen menu driven DIP settings. No more pulling out your game to get inside to change dip switches!
  • Support - Can be used in an Upright, Cabaret or Cocktail cabinet!
  • Backup and Restore - Able to backup high scores and restore them later! Ideal for before and after game room parties!
  • Reset Button - Restart a game without turning the entire game off (Requires to be ENABLED in menu and pressing P1 and P2)
  • No rom board needed anymore! (This makes the game much more reliable)
  • Rom Saver - Program/ROM/RAM-Board MUST be removed (Attention: The 2 graphic RAM boards must stay in the stack)
  • Copyright Message - Can be set to remove Highscoresaves
  • Using the "Hard Romset" - now the Galaxian level plays in Hard Mode, as well as all the other levels
  • Stealth Mode - Able to boot straight to game without seeing DIP Settings menu
  • Improved Self Test - Light Test, RAM and a simple Pattern board test added!


You can purchase the online version of the save kit that features the high score upload to the internet above for $15 in the drop down choices. You will receive a specific SK and PK Key that will unlock this feature and an online module that connects with a Cat5 or Cat6 cable. See the bottom of the User Guide for more details on DHCP and DNS settings needed.

The online module will allow you to display your own arcade score board and you can compete against other game players with our save kits globally, in your own country or just in your own game room!*

You can have multiple games with online capabilities on your network. We recommend using an access point in your game room. The access point can have a switch attached that can add up to 64 ports to upload scores. These switches can be purchsed separately at any major electronics store for under $30. Once you have your games online, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!


* You are not able to add the online module after the initial purchase as the socket and connectivity LED lights for it will not be populated.

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Customer reviews for "Gorf Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
10 Oct 2021

This Gorf kit is a mandatory thing for your cab

Able to save high scores with initials. This is a must have for me. The attract sounds in the background when no one is playing is something I didn't know I wanted. The fast shipping from Highscoresaves is just the best

18 Aug 2021

Get it for your cabinet!

Excellent job Highscoresaves!!!

3 Aug 2021

Excellent add on kit

I like this kit. Followed the install guide and was playing in 20 minutes

19 Jul 2021

Good kit for Gorf

Plays excellent

14 Jul 2021

Yes! Best upgrade

Love the kit! Game play is great, features are great, Highscoresaves is great!

15 Jun 2021

Plays perfectly!

Plays and saves scores

5 Jun 2021

Great add on

I love Gorf, and now I love high scores being saved. Thanks for a great kit!

28 May 2021

Great kit and shipping was quick. Love Highscoresaves!

24 Apr 2021

Excellent kit, fast shipping

Must have for Gorf!

20 Mar 2021

Highscoresaves is the greatest!

28 Feb 2021

Top notch!

Excellent kit from the only company that sells the best score saving kits out there!

13 Feb 2021

Very good add on kit

Love this, easy to order, easy to install

9 Feb 2021


Another great kit from Highscoresaves!

23 Jan 2021


I'm really surprised that there are kits that get "updated" still. I know Highscoresaves take care of their customers, but, I didn't think that they'd listen and make an existing kit even better!

I ordered a few more kits and inquired by email if I can get the new updated rom I saw on Facebook. They said if I ordered something, which they saw I did,they'd "throw it in the box" for free.

Couple days later, box arrived. I saw the 28 pin eproms in there, replaced on my old version kit, poof! Instant satisfaction!

Thanks again !!!!

29 Dec 2020

Nice Kit with some cool options

If you are buying this kit for GORF like I did, the instructions can be a bit confusing because they were written for GORF/Wizard of Wor/Space Zap. The kit in the installation instruction illustrations do no match the kit you receive which can be confusing at first. Also you do not receive two 40-pin sockets that the instructions reference. This can also be confusing. Also the daughter card save kit fits in the original Z80 40-pin socket quite securely and fits into the card cage easily with it pre-installed on the CPU board. The instructions have you install the daughter card after first installing the CPU board with the empty Z80 socket. If you are careful and slowly slide the CPU board into the cage with the daughter card installed, you don't need to install the daughter card once the CPU board is inside the cage. Check out the enhanced game mode in setup!

20 Dec 2020

Thank you!

Glad I purchased!

15 Nov 2020

Just what I needed

Excellent kit and works as described!

8 Jul 2020

Fast shipping

Excellent quality

7 Jun 2020

Great kit for Gorf!

26 May 2020

Very fast shipping and installation was pretty easy. Just followed the installation guide and BOOM! Awesome kit!

21 May 2020

Really a great add on for my Gorf. Took my time and read the installation guide, not hard at all to get it going!

12 May 2020

Great way to add free play and save my scores

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How do I update to the newest version?

Yesterday I saw your latest GORF HSS 3.0, it looks great. We have it posted on our GORF Facebook group, so I hope you see some sales. We have a few questions:

1. A few of us (me included) have the old GORF HSS kit, is there any way to purchase an upgrade kit or do we need to buy it again?

2. Is it still socketed in the Z80 or is it a satellite board?

3. Do you have any details about your rom & pattern board test? Does it show faults? Thanks again for your great work. I can't wait to play it!


  • You can ask for the binary and burn it yourself on the W27c512 on the main daughter card of the kit. Please send a pic of your current kit, as there are some very old ones out there that are not compatible with the upgrade.
  • You can have a new eprom mailed to you in the USA for $12 total (Just ask in email)
  • You can order anything in the shop and we will add to your package at no charge! (email us the order number quickly after you order)


2-> Same pcb as version 2, straight on top of the socket of the z80 (no spacer needed)

3-> See below -

Pattern board test copies bytes with different offsets from rom into the screen ram with the Pattern board and compares the "result" with the cpu...what a good Pattern board should copy if the copy is identical, it will test "good"... no special mode tested though the static ramtest itself, it tests the ram from $d000-$dff0

The video ramtest tests the video-ram from $4000-$7fff and identifies the broken ram-chip on error (only one at a time) 

OK, received the Gorf Upgrade you sent in the mail (thank you)! Where does it go?

OK, received the Gorf Upgrade you sent in the mail (thank you)! Where does it go?

You want to replace the w27c512 eprom (and possibly the 28 pin narrow GAL if sent also...some may need the GAL changed, while some do not (depends on age of kit) 

See pic, the one to change is circled in yellow (the other is RAM)


Enhanced mode in menu?

Hi. On the set up menu, the game mode has “original” and “enhanced”. Can you tell me what the difference is?

"Enanced" mode disables the leading 000 on the scores. Example -

Instead of "000100" it will show "100"

Hope that helps!

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