Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit

Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Video Video Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit Preview: Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
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Need a z80 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

Want to add an instruction magnet?:

  Easy install -  No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in... more
Product information "Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


  • Easy install - No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in and go!
  • Save your scores forever -  We use a serial eprom, not failure prone NVRAM or batteries
  • High Score Save - Saves the Top 10 scores!
  • Has separate score tables - Different high score saving for original or fast speeds (All games have their own HST!)
  • ROM Revisions - Choose between the ORIGINAL roms or "Popcorn" for Pengo
  • Attract Sounds - Hear what you've been missing! Set at 25%, 50% or 100% of the attract screen rotation!
  • Freeplay - No more coins or opening up the coin door!
  • Coin Up - Still supports coins if wanted
  • Attract Mode - Minimize your screen burn. No more "static" screens!
  • Change DIP settings - Menu driven. No more pulling out your game to get inside to change dip switches!
  • Rom Saver - Original program roms MUST be removed
  • Support - Can be used in an Upright, Cocktail or Cabaret cabinet!
  • Backup and Restore - Able to backup high scores and restore them later! Ideal for before and after game room parties!
  • Reset Button - Restart a game without turning the entire game off (Requires to be ENABLED in menu)


  • Ships with latest v1.07! The BEST Pac Multi ever!
  • Choose your game! Pacman, Ms Pacman, Pacman Plus, Ms Pacman Plus or Pengo!
  • HIgh Score Table - Save your top 10 scores with initials for Fast and Original Version
  • Fast or Original Version
  • Pengo! - Plays with P1 button, no need to modify you control panel!
  • Start at Level 1, apple level, key level and Level 255 (to see the infamous "kill screen")
  • Cocktail or Upright
  • Change ghost names from original to alternative names
  • Choose number of lives (1, 2, 3, 5 per game)
  • Choose when you earn a bonus Pac (None, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000)
  • Difficulty Level (Normal, Hard, Harder, Hardest) New way to change difficulty in your Pac patterns!
  • Free play or coin/token
  • Separate High Score Table for Fast or Original play!
  • Attract Sounds that you can set for 25%, 50% or every attract screen! 
  • The ONLY multikit with PROPER colors because we include these proms to covert them
  • Coin per credit if not on freeplay
  • Able to turn off the "kill screen" to continue to play past level 255
  • Play Inky and Pinky as originally designed with the "Pac facing up" flaw, or turn on to fix it!
  • Show original Midway logos or the website logo
  • Menus for normal dip settings, custom settings
  • Save all 10 scores, only top score, top 3 scores
  • Backup and restore scores before and after your next party
  • Extended Scoring to 9,999,990
  • Menu for game select
  • Able to enable or disable the sub menu for settings (now guests cannot get in)
  • "Stealth Mode" - Choose what game the kit boots to! (Game is last game played or from game list)
  • Rom Saver - all original program roms MUST be removed with kit installed


Fast version -

  • Pacman
  • Ms Pacman
  • Pacman Plus
  • Ms Pacman Plus

Original version -

  • Pacman
  • Ms Pacman
  • Pacman Plus
  • Ms Pacman Plus
  • Pengo V3
  • Pengo V2


  • This kit does change the color proms on the board. 
  • Pacman Plus, Ms Pacman Plus and Pengo will have the ORIGINAL COLORS and SOUNDS.(see attached screenshots)




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Customer reviews for "Pacman | Ms Pacman Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
24 May 2024

Highly recommended for any Pacman lover!

18 May 2024

Love Ms Pacman multigame!

Installed on my Ms Pacman pcb and was enjoying it within 10 minutes! Thank you

16 May 2024

Highly recommended

Install is super simple and added score saving when the game was turned off.

11 May 2024

Highly recommended for any Pacman owner

I had a Ms Pacman pcb in my Pacman cocktail arcade. Added this kit and cab play both and save my scores while on free play!

21 Apr 2024

Was debating on getting this save kit

Glad I did! Wanted to save my scores and not have to open the coin door to flip the switch to credit up. This kit "fixed" both issues and I love it. Arrived quickly and installed easy with the pictures in the installation guide. Highly recommended.

8 Apr 2024

Perfect kit for us

Works great. Pacman plays good with fast mode.

4 Apr 2024


Great kit for additional features and games! Received new version that doesn't use the ribbon cable on the z80 card. Works great!

27 Mar 2024

Great kit for Pacman!

Perfect for our arcade games. With this kit, it now saves the scores once powered down. Also, no more quarters are needed with the free play option. We really like the attract sounds when someone's not playing the game. Thank you for making this!

12 Mar 2024

Shipped out fast

Great kit and shipped out fast

29 Feb 2024

East install

Works great, thank you

22 Feb 2024

Highly recommended for your Ms Pacman!

Installed in a Ms Pacman and love it

9 Feb 2024

Completely something I needed and didn't know!

Cool add on daughter cards that enables what the game should have came with!

2 Feb 2024

Excellent kits from!

This was a good upgrade to my Pacman arcade. Followed the install guide and was playing Ms Pac in about 15 minutes

17 Jan 2024

Best pacman multigame there is!

Tried them all. This is the only version to ever get!

2 Jan 2024

Amazingly easy installation

Gave us great extra features like score saving, the ability not to use quarters and can select menu dips on the monitor instead of digging inside the machine for the little dip switches.

1 Jan 2024

This is the save kit to get for any Pacman!

No soldering. Installs easy. Plays great!

20 Dec 2023

Shipped out fast

Bought this for my dad for Christmas. Haven't installed yet

14 Dec 2023

Friend of mine has one. He recommended getting it too.

Shipped fast and installs easy.

8 Dec 2023

Shipped out fast

Didn't expect kit to arrive so quick. Thanks.

28 Nov 2023

Highly recommended

Great freeplay and save kit!

21 Nov 2023

Good kit

Able to play all these games with score saving and free play

11 Nov 2023

This is it!

Best way I've found to have Pac and Ms Pac in the same cabinet. Switching games is easy and able to put our initials in. Saves scores and has attract sounds

6 Nov 2023

Loving the Multi Pac addon!

Easy to switch between the fast and slow versions of Pac and Ms Pac!

3 Nov 2023

Best multipac kit there is!

28 Oct 2023

Highly recommended by a friend and I agree!

15 Oct 2023

Went together smooth

Love this kit!

14 Oct 2023

Shipped out fast

Installed and working great. Easy to do. Highly recommended by a friend.

8 Oct 2023

Another great save kit!

Get it for your game, happy we did

25 Sep 2023

Arrived quickly


22 Sep 2023

Shipped out fast, good quality!

Great high score save kit for Pacman

17 Sep 2023

Well worth it!

It was easy to order, easier to install. Highly recommend this kit.

15 Sep 2023

Great way to play different versions of Pacman

We love this kit!

12 Sep 2023

Get it now!

Excellent product. Love the easy installation

26 Aug 2023

Happy with this Pacman multigame save kit

21 Aug 2023

Excellent kit, unsurpassed service!

Simple to install, and just as easy to operate. With the individual high-score tables for each game, and options to backup, clear and restore scores for events, this kit is suitable for private use as well as on location. The customer service is also phenomenal if you do have any questions.
I highly recommend this kit. I have purchased 7 different HSS kits from here and they are all top notch.

19 Aug 2023

Love Pacman!

Good buy. Shipped fast. Install was easy. Plays perfect.

23 Jul 2023

Best kit for my game

Saves scores and initials

22 Jul 2023

Fast shipping and highly recommended

Simple installation

16 Jul 2023

We appreciate!

Another great kit bought!

1 Jul 2023

Best purchase I ever made for my Pacman

22 Jun 2023

For anyone that loves Pacman!

Get this kit!

11 Jun 2023

Needed to save scores

This kit is perfect for saving scores, plus, it adds a bunch of features

30 May 2023

Beautifully designed multigame kit

25 May 2023

Saving all my scores now!

Thanks guys!

20 May 2023

Works great!

Easy install and is exactly what I wanted. Separate save for Pac and Ms Pac

16 May 2023

Must have upgrade for your Pac-man machine.

Fantastic multi kit. Ran into issues with my kit, emailed and had a replacement part to me less than a week later. Kit is easy to install and just nice to have options on my pac-man cocktail.

14 May 2023

Amazing kit!

Shipped quickly to Germany

12 May 2023

Works great

5 May 2023

Shipped out fast and works great

29 Apr 2023

100% happy with this multigame save kit!

Easy to use

24 Apr 2023

Nice kit to have

19 Apr 2023

THE kit to get for your Pacman cab!

Great kit! Excellent support and ultra fast shipment. HighScoreSave delivers, as always!

19 Apr 2023

Really like the features

Impressive kit that works on my Ms Pac game.

18 Apr 2023

This is exactly what we needed!

Our family loves to play the arcade games and saving scores is a MUST. I've ordered a bunch of these kits and each has been a pretty easy installation process. They shipped fast and great communication from!

15 Apr 2023

A friend recommended this kit to me

Glad he did! Excellent stuff

15 Apr 2023

My husband and I love this

We now can play both Ms Pacman and Pacman on the same arcade. Thank yiu for taking the time to help install over the phone! We love you guys!!!

12 Apr 2023

Saving our scores on Pacman! Wif we loves Ms Pacman and it saves her scores there too

Great addition to our Pacman arcade

8 Apr 2023

Highly recommended

Great company. They are clear on price and very helpful. The kits arrived when they said and was exactly what I ordered. They have a customer for life

5 Apr 2023

Fast overseas shipping

Installed another great save kit from!

4 Apr 2023

One of the best kits I've ever bought

Took my time installing and having a blast playing the games. Freeplay with attract screen is a must to not burn my new monitor. The pacman attract sounds are awesome in my gameroom. Thanks!

3 Apr 2023

Good save kit for our Pacman arcade

31 Mar 2023

Excellent save kit with great features

Has only the games I want to play, saves scores with initials and attract sounds. Free play is a must have too.

28 Mar 2023

Perfect multigame for our Ms Pacman

27 Mar 2023

Excellent Multigame/High Score Save

This board is amazing! Very glad I bought it. Easy to install, and worked first shot. Would highly recommend! ...and I just might be buying another one.

Also, Imagine how I felt when I saw *my* graphics I did for the Ms. Pac-Man Plus game! I did that hack quite a while ago with 'Dav' (who was a well-known hacker at the time). I also originally changed the Ms. Pac player graphics to look like the altered Pac-Man graphics from Pac-Man Plus, but since then have changed them back as I didn't like it. I see them as the 'lives' indicator now in this version! :)

I do have to say, I like this version's maze color choices over the ones I originally did as well.

22 Mar 2023

Shipped out fast

Works great

18 Mar 2023

With all the great reviews...

...I ordered. It shipped out the next day and arrived in 3 days. Took about 20 minutes for me to install using the PDF guide on the site. Works great! I like the menu to swap games and the scores save for each game independently

8 Mar 2023

Pacman multigame kit is what I wanted

Really like the attract sounds

6 Mar 2023

This is an awesome multigame kit!

Self installed and took about 15 minutes.

2 Mar 2023

Brought my Pacman arcade into my family's life!

Easy to use for the kids. Saves scores!

4 Feb 2023

Awesome Kit and Exceptional Customer Support!

Highly recommended kits and company. Extremely fast shipping and technical support. I Installed two kits and had a problem with stray pixels on one of them. After some help with troubleshooting,, HighScoreSaves figured out the problem was most likely with one of the chips. They sent a replacement kit out the same day; now both kits are functioning flawlessly.

4 Feb 2023

A very easy to install Pacman kit

Happy with the purchase

27 Jan 2023

Exactly what my Ms Pacman needed!

25 Jan 2023

Fast shipping

Ordered and installed a few save kits from and it went flawlessly. Really easy to do (even for a novice like me). Thanks guys!

7 Jan 2023

My boyfriend is really happy with this gift

Bought it for Christmas. It shipped out in a day and arrived in a couple days! He loves it!

4 Jan 2023

I can see why this kit is recommended

Great kit for any Pac cabinet

3 Jan 2023

Good kit for any Pacman arcade

Initial and score saving on all the games

3 Jan 2023

100% highly recommend this multigame!

Shipped quickly. Enjoying the fast version of Ms Pac!

3 Jan 2023

Great kit

Easily installed and arrived to us in 2 days!

1 Jan 2023

Happy times!

Excellent Pacman kit!

29 Dec 2022

Works great and arrived in 2 days

Great kits at

28 Dec 2022

Amazing stuff at!

The Pacman multigame save kit is the best! Easy to install and use.

27 Dec 2022

Exactly what I wanted

Love the initial and score saving for each game!!

25 Dec 2022

Great multigame for your Pacman

Received as a gift and instantly knew it was from
Ordered a few kits before and my wife must have tracked down how to order. Great stuff!

24 Dec 2022

Great experience!

Save kit was simple installation, works great!

23 Dec 2022

This multigame kit is the best

Easy to use and saves scores with initials

18 Dec 2022

Works great!

Very fast shipping during Christmas season

17 Dec 2022

Highly recommended

Great multi Pac save kit

12 Dec 2022

Fast shipping

Took about 10 minutes to install. Good multi Pac kit

11 Dec 2022

This is the Multi Pac you want

Just the good games, not 190 versions of Pacman. This kit has the original and fast speed for all the games and keeps those scores separated.

Arrived fast, in time for Christmas!

29 Nov 2022

The perfect save kit for Pacman

Works perfect

24 Nov 2022

This is the multi Pacman kit of the century

Easy menu to change games and another menu to change settings. Saves scores for slow and fast Pac-Man

17 Nov 2022

This is the way

Simple and elegant. Free play and saves scores. Perfect addition to our game.

17 Nov 2022

Excellent score save kit!

Easy to change games and save scores

13 Nov 2022

Loving the new save kit we ordered!

Loving the new save kit we ordered!

13 Nov 2022

Happy with the Pacman multigame save kit

Easy to use and shipped here quickly

12 Nov 2022

Read all the reviews and gave it a shot

Installwas pretty easy. I had it installed in about 20 minutes taking my time. Could not get into settings. Called and left a message. Received a call back around 7pm from Joe and he said he was putting kits together for orders and heard my message. He explained that there is a link emailed to every customer (on the order confirmation email) that explained some tips to access settings on his save kits.

Boom! Great service! Very happy with this purchase and will be ordering a few others.

Thanks Joe!!!!!!

11 Nov 2022

Just what was needed

Can easily select which game to play.

9 Nov 2022

What I needed in a multigame kit

Perfect in every way. Thanks!

8 Nov 2022

Best muti pacman kit out there

Enjoying this kit every day!

25 Oct 2022

Good shipping speed

Ordered easy and had notification it shipped in 2 hours??? Received package in and box was packed with bubblewrap to the top.
Pacman save kit works excellent.

8 Oct 2022

Another great kit from!

Works great, love the initial entry and saves top 10

26 Sep 2022

Great save kit for our Ms Pacman game

12 Sep 2022

Great kit for Pac/Ms-Pac

Easy installation, works perfectly. I really like that you can customize the game menu and remove games you do not want to be available.

7 Sep 2022

Another awesome kit from HighScoreSaves

If you have a Pacman game, this is the save kit to get

12 Aug 2022

A must own save kit for your Pacman!

5 Aug 2022

We love our new Pacman multigame kit!

Very fast shipping. Installation was straight forward. Game Play is just perfect!

4 Aug 2022

Great save kit

Went in my Ms Pac cabinet and now playing all these games

1 Aug 2022

Very happy with the Pacman multi kit

Works perfectly and is easy installation

21 Jul 2022

This was a great birthday gift!

He loved it, thank you HighScoreSaves!

12 Jul 2022

Great gift for my boyfriend!

He loves his Pac-Man arcadecgame, so, this is perfect!

3 Jul 2022

Above and beyond is an excellent company to buy from

29 Jun 2022

Highly recommend this Pacman kit

Excellent way to upgrade to Ms Pacman fast version on our arcade game

13 Jun 2022

Works perfect

7 Jun 2022

Greatest Pacman save kit ever!

3 Jun 2022

This is the kit you need for your Pac or Ms Pac

Saves scores for all the games, easy to use menunfor game selection. Fast shipping too

19 May 2022

This is a must have for our Pacman machine

Can play Ms Pacman too

18 Apr 2022

Amazing Pacman kit

Very happy with all these options.

16 Apr 2022

Great idea!

Easy to install for a novice like me

2 Apr 2022

Great gift for my husband

He loves it, thanks for the suggestion Missy!

5 Mar 2022

This Pacman kit is a must have

Easy yo switchbbetween Ms Pacman and Pacman

21 Feb 2022

Excellent quality

This it is a great add on for my Pacman

20 Feb 2022


This is the only kit to consider!

13 Feb 2022

Best kit I've received from Highscoresaves!

Easy installation, great game list with an easy to use menu and the attract sounds when idle are just awesome!

11 Jan 2022

Highly recommend the Pacman multi kit

You cannot go wrong with all these options

1 Jan 2022

Absolute perfect Pacman save kit!

This is the best option out there from the past to the present!!!

7 Dec 2021

Love Highscoresaves!

Buy with confidence!

3 Dec 2021

Greatest Pac-Man kit ever!

Was told to get this kit from a few friends, they were right!

29 Nov 2021

This is the greatest Pac-Man save kit ever!

Has all the features and more!

19 Nov 2021

Easy to install Pacman save kit

Fast shipping

13 Nov 2021

Pacman, Ms Pac and more on this excellent save kit!

Has free play and attract sounds. Able to save scores and enter my initials!

18 Oct 2021

Nothing but the best

Wouldn't want another kit, this one is the best

16 Oct 2021

Impressive kit for your game

An excellent choice to install in your Pacman cabinet

11 Oct 2021

Another great kit

Awesome kit for your Pac arcade game

24 Sep 2021

Hey Highscoresaves, you guys made a great kit!

21 Sep 2021

Thanks guys!

We love the Pacman multi! Plays the fast versions and saves scores separate for the fast and slow speeds

19 Sep 2021

Happy to recommend th Multi Pac kit

No soldering, took about 15 minutes to pull the pcb and install the kit. Great features that keep separate high scores for fast and original speed Ms Pac and Pacman. The attract sounds are a nice touch

7 Sep 2021

What else can be said?

Hands down, this is the best kit you can get for your Pacman arcade game

1 Sep 2021

Fantastic multi Pacman kit

Very fast shipping to the UK.

29 Aug 2021

A quick summary

I ordered this kit a few weeks ago and received an email saying it was delivered. That email thanked me for my purchase and asked for me to leave a review when I can.


Here's the review.

It is by far, the best Pacman multigame that I've ever had. Yes, I've had more of these type of kits. I buy and sell my machined based upon what the family wants.

With this kit, why have a Pacman and Ms Pacman machine taking up space in my game room? Never again!

This kit has attract sounds, no other kit does. We can enter out initials. Can't do that in a regular Pacman board. The settings on the screen is thoroughly the best one I've seen. Very detailed, yet, easy to navigate.

If anything, trust me. I highly recommend Highscoresaves for any of your kit needs.

Sorry for the long winded response, but you guys deserve it for this kit alone. The fast shipping was just icing in the cake! You have a life long customer. Thank you.

18 Aug 2021

Best Pacman multigame out there

9 Aug 2021

Good kit

Fast shipping. Easy to install with the guide

1 Aug 2021

Get it!

Bought a few kits from Highscoresaves, excellent products

15 Jul 2021

This kit is amazing

Exactly what we wanted. Main thing is the separate score tables for fast version and slow versions

27 Jun 2021

Amazing multigame kit!

If you have a Pacman or Ms Pacman cabinet, you need this kit, it's amazing!

26 Jun 2021

Fast delivery

Really happy with this multi kit!

18 Jun 2021

Get it!

Best Pacman multigame kit there is. All the features, free play, attract sounds, level select and more.

11 Jun 2021


31 May 2021

Bought it on sale!

Saw it was about 10% off and snatched it up. Fairly easy installation, excellent kit with all having separate tables to save the scores, even fast games. Excellent stuff, get them while you are able to

28 May 2021

What's there to say?

Best Pacman multigame kit out there ..EVER. We love the attract sounds too

23 May 2021

Amazing kit

Very quick shipping, very easy installation

17 May 2021

Best of the best of the BEST sir!

Cannot say enough good things about Highscoresaves and their kits. Truly an asset to the vintage arcade community. They're so much more than other arcade "part resellers" that import stuff from China. Highscoresaves is a great AMERICAN company!

9 May 2021

Best Pac multi kit out there!

No question, buy this kit!

1 May 2021

Excellent Pacman multigame kit!

25 Apr 2021

Very good multigame kit

Very easy to install on my ms pac pcb

21 Mar 2021

Very happy with the Pac-Man Multigame kit

This is a straight forward, easy installation and great features in the Pac-Man Multigame kit.

20 Mar 2021

Highscoresaves is the greatest!

Greatest Pacman kit out there!

7 Mar 2021

Best Pac-Man kit today

There are older ones, owned them all, but none compare to the features on this kit! Thanks again Highscoresaves

1 Mar 2021

Pac-Man Perfected

This simple, easy-to-install kit is an absolute must for Pac-Man cabinet owners! The kit can be installed in less time than it takes to get to the Apple, and provides multiple Pac-Man variants, Pac-Man Plus (and variants), Ms. Pac-Man (and variants), and Pengo - on top of saving highscores, providing a wealth of customization (difficulty, lives, speed, etc.) in an easy-to-use menu. Play is identical to original Pac-Man in every way - an awesome product!

28 Feb 2021

Top notch!

Excellent kit from the only company that sells the best score saving kits out there!

13 Feb 2021


Great kit, I am on the noob side of these things as far as installation goes. I got it to work quickly following the instructions of course. It’s really cool to save high scores. I dig it. I have mine in a pac man cab. Boot direct to PacMan - it’s great. Fast play is my favorite.

27 Jan 2021

Well worth extra $ if you are going to buy a high score saver!

The kit was fairly easy to install with good instructions and pictures. Take your time, be careful and label all of your old IC’s. As others have mentioned, if you have a Ms. PAC-Man your will not be reusing the remote daughter board and your Z80 will need to be remover from it. Instead of drilling holes in the cabinet to mount the new daughter board, I just zip tied the board to the edge connector harness through the mounting holes. The family loves having more options and have enjoyed playing the fast modes! I plan on purchasing the Millipede Multi-Game kit for my recent addition to my classic collection!

17 Jan 2021

Excellent kit for my Pacman game!

Love the attract sounds!

25 Dec 2020

A Christmas miracle!

Ordered on 12/16/2020, received tracking and saw it shipped out the same day. USPS delivered on 12/24...we are in Illinois, just a little ways away from Highscoresaves...not their fault.

Love the kit!

24 Dec 2020

The family loves this kit

We bought this kit to play fast Pacman. The wife loves Ms Pacman,I love fast Pacman and the kids love Pacman Plus....made this kit a "no brainer" to get. Setup was about 15 minutes taking my time. The setup menu is easy to navigate. Game play is spot on. Thanks to Highscoresaves for designing the best Multi Pac kit out there!

20 Dec 2020

Great save kit!

Love that I can save our scores and enter initials

2 Dec 2020

Great product

So a few things that you might run into when you install this:
Watch out for the instructions. The prom multi-Boards (e.g. for locations 7F, 4A and 1M) are shown with stickers on them. On some pages, the stickers are right side up, and on some pages the stickers are upside down! I guess they wrote the instruction manual during two different times, and so the stickers on the proms are not consistent. Don't let it fool you!
Another thing, they didn't explicitly say, is that if you are modding a Ms Pac, you will need to disconnect your Ms Pac daughterboard and put it into storage. However, pop the CPU off and move it to the replacement you get. Another heads up -- when you put the Z80 on, the text on the Z80 will be the 'upside down' with respect to the text on the printed Save Kit's circuit board.
One more thing! The flat 5 pin cable might be really tight at one connection. That's okay. It shouldn't be an issue.
Don't let what I wrote scare you -- I had to email mike a few times and he responded quickly and really helped. This is a great kit, so don't hesitate to get it and get started!

17 Oct 2020

Great way to add more games to your gameroom!

This kit is awesome! Very easy to install and adds some great options to your Pac or MsPac cabinet!

23 Aug 2020

Great product!

I ended up "guessing" a bit on the instructions but it finally all came together and we have it working! Thanks!!

5 Aug 2020


The best Pacman kit from today and yesterday. Best features, quick shipping, easy installation

2 Aug 2020

Love it!

Great kit for my Ms PAC cocktail cab. Easy to install, saves all the scores WITH initials!

31 Jul 2020

Kids love it. Easy install

Fast to ship, very easy to install just follow instructions. You almost can't install it wrong. No soldering needed. Easy menu. Dead simple. The kids have been having a blast with the fast Ms.Pac and trying to beat high scores. Installed in a PacMan cocktail table & I like that I get to keep the original board without modifying it.

17 Jun 2020

This is perfect!

Exactly what we were looking for. Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man. Fast speed. Saves scores. Easy to use menu.

4 Jun 2020

Great kit, saves scores and has sounds during attract screen

24 May 2020

This is a must have kit if you own a Pacman game! Easy to use menu, installation requires no soldering so it is pretty easy. The game select menu is great, and able to save all the scores in each game. Fast Pac is totally different than slow. Other kits d

23 May 2020

"Pacman/Ms Pacman multigame free play & high score save kit"

Amazing people at ''. I just bought an original 1980 Pac-Man arcade on the 40th anniversary of Pac-man's initial release in Tokyo, Japan....May 22, 1980. I purchased this kit a few days ago, and they got it shipped to me in 2 days!!!! EXCELLENT product, WORTH every penny paid!!! Easy install. I highly recommend. Thanks guys!

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Looks like "Bleeding"?

Good morning following the install, I am able to confirm that all of the games and settings are working as expected. I think this is an awesome kit!. I did have a question on a bit of troubleshooting, and I'm not sure what I should be checking. Preemptively I was going to pose a question and then go ahead and try to re-seat the chips. All games play. but on Pac-Man and Ms-Pac have bleeding of the Red color on the screen. All graphics that have some red in them show additional red "shadowing" below each of the graphics including the high score table display and the characters. Prior to installing the kit, my colors were all working as expected. Thanks in advance.

No worries!

You can make a quick adjustment on your neck board of your monitor. The new eprom of the kit is running a tad faster than the old prom it replaced. A quick adjustment there will fix you right up.

Wireless option?

I ordered a Pac-Man/Ms Pac-Man Multi Kit the other day. I seen that it has the possibility of online scoring. I wanted to know if it was possible to set that up wirelessly and if it can I tack that on to the order before it is shipped out?

No wireless option is available. Here's why -

The online capability uses a Cat5 cable to connect to the kit (using the ethernet port on the kit). Wireless has too much interference inside an arcade game (inside a wood box, monitor power, etc).

A nice way around is using a router/switch inside the same room your game is! Run the cables behind the cabinet and you're good to go!

More details here at top of this page.

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Can I use this kit in a Ms Pacman?

Are your multipac boards compatible with Ms. Pacman or does the original game have to be Pacman in order for the add-on board to work?

Great question!

Yes, you can install the Multipac kit (or the single game kits for Pacman, Ms Pacman or Pacman Plus) on any original Pacman or Ms Pacman pcb. Remember, the kit doesn't care what cabinet or artwork you have, just that it is running a dedicated Pacman pcb inside to install it on! Check out the Install Guide on the product page for detailed pics.



How do I mount the daughter card off the ribbon cable?

How do I mount the daughter card off the ribbon cable?

There are a couple ways -

1. You can use the holes on that daughter card to secure with wood screws to the side of the cabinet. This is how Ms Pac was originally done back in the day (they actually had a metal plate w/plastic standoffs)

2. You can use Velcro

3. You can zip tie to the top of the SyncBus card. Just ensure the SBC is zip tied securely to the main pcb

Version 1.05 vs 1.07

Hello, I noticed a new version of the multipac is out- v1.07. What is the difference/changes between that version and the previous version 1.05?

Small menu changes and behind the scene stuff, nothing to do with game play!


Is this using all original game ROMS for the games will they play exactly if it were the individual game/PCB, or is their any FPGA being used.

Yes, this kit plays exactly like the original pcb's, check out our YouTube channel (Subscribe to it too!) to see perfect patterns play. Also, has great additional features like initial entry, attract sounds and individual game high score tables saved, no other Pac Multi kit does that!

Pacman high score table

Does each game have it's.own high scores or is there just one shared high score list? What I'm getting at is, for example, does Ms. Pacman have its own separate high scores? Or is it just one list of high scores from all of the games in the kit?

Each game has its own high score table. With initials too.

Hope that helps

Can I upgrade to the most recent version?

Hello! I purchased the Pac-Man Multi Kit quite a while ago - my version is 1.02. Is there a way to update to the current version?


  1. You can ask for the binary and burn it yourself on the W27c512 on the main daughter card of the kit.
  2. You can have a new eprom mailed to you in the USA for $12 total (Just ask in email)
  3. You can order anything in the shop and we will add to your package at no charge! (email us the order number quickly after you order)


Hope that helps!

Will the kit work on a 25th Anniversary Pacman cabinet?

I have a Pac-Man 25th anniversary that plays Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man and Galaga, I was wondering if this highe score save kit would work for that?

No, it will not. That is a JAMMA pcb, not original hardware. The Multi kit is only for original pcbs, a quick look at the install guide will show what an original pcb looks like for Pac and Ms Pac

Pac Man Multi Rom

Hi Joe, I hope all is well. I got the ROM image that you sent over for my Multipac kit. It says V22 on it and I was going to burn it to an eprom. A few questions if you don’t mind: 1. Will this work with your kit no matter when I bought it? I purchased mine pretty early on. 2. What size eprom does it take? 3. Which socket on the kit does it go in? Thanks for your help as always.

1.Will this work with your kit no matter when I bought it?  I purchased mine pretty early on.


2.What size eprom does it take?

512. The one that's on the kit is an erasable Windbond w27c512, if your programmer handles that. Or, any 512 eprom you have can work...


3.Which socket on the kit does it go in?

Only 28 pin socket on main daughter card.


Hope that helps


My cable is too short!

Why is my cable too short?

Cable length is fine, please take a look at the install guide of how to connect cable from what daughter card. It would seem "short" if it is plugged in the improper order. Detailed pics in the Install Guide tab.

Multi Pac

I have a miss Pac-Man board. Can this kit be put on that board or do I have to get an original PAC-MAN board or do I need to convert the miss Pac-Man board to a regular PAC-MAN board to make this work?

Pac and Ms Pac pcbs are the same as far as the kit is concerned. You will be removing the existing roms and proms when you install the kit. Please take a look at the install guide for pictures. Thanks!

How do I get the settings screen?

How do I get the settings screen?

How do I get to the menu settings?


With the power off on your game. Press and hold P1 while you turn the game on. Release P1 button when the screen tells you to. You are now in the main menu settings. This is a feature built into your kits so the menu settings are not accessible to your guests or family. Now, having said that, you need to enable this feature in the menu settings, or, disable if you want your kit to give you approximately 5 seconds every time you turn on your game.

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High score entry / display

Hi, I just got your Pac man multi board and was wondering how to turn off the high score initial entry. I want to be able to save the high score, but not put in initials after each game. I went through the menu a few times, but don’t see anything that applies. Also, the (show high scores) toggles from on and off, but does not seem to make any change, it’s always there. I think I’m missing something? Is there specific dip settings that need to be set in the board itself? Let me know, and keep up the great work you do on theses kits, Brian.

Hi, the kit allows you to enter initials now [as the original does not]. It's a great feature and is not able to be turned off. 

What's the difference between a high score save kit and an online high score save kit?

I see there are multiple high score save kits for the same game. What's the difference? Which one should I choose?

Great Question!

While all of the high score save kits save scores, have an on screen menu for difficulty settings and other features like attract sounds (Please see the description under each kit for full details)

There are usually 2 or 3 main types - 

High Score Save kit - This is a great option for anyone wanting to save scores and have free play option on their game with some other cool options! Again, please see the product description page for each kit you are looking at.

Online High Score Save kit - This is next level stuff! You can now save your scores locally on your machine and upload your scores to the Global High Score Save web page! (you even get a customized web site that will have all your games on the page) Here is  a link to the Global High Score page -

Information uploaded is not just your initials and score, but also uploads the day, time, difficulty levels, how many guys used, players name, city and country you are in and the name of your arcade!

Please remember, you need to have internet access and your high score save kit connected to it. As of right now, there are CAT5 modules to plug in or there are WiFi modules available for select high score save kits. This information is on the online high score save description page. Click the LEARN MORE button below for more details!

Braze High Score Save kit - The Braze high score save kits give you features listed under each product and are not capable of uploading scores online.

Hope this helps answer your question!

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Can you still use as coin-op?

Hello! Does this kit (or the Ms. Pac Man high score save kit) still allow for coin-op play, or is it free play only? Thanks!

Yes you can!

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