Spectar Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit

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  • SPECTAR.3.3
  Freeplay or Coin Use Attract Mode (w/sound) with or without Freeplay on... more
Product information "Spectar Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit"



  • Freeplay or Coin Use
  • Attract Mode (w/sound) with or without Freeplay on
  • HIgh Score Table - Save your top 5 scores with initials
  • On screen menu for dip switches and settings 
  • Attract Sounds that you can set for 25%, 50% or every attract screen! 
  • Change the logo from Exid
  • Reset game - "Soft Boot" when you want to start over


  • "Stealth Mode" - Choose what game the kit boots to! 
  • Copyright - Exidy or www.HighScoreSaves.com
  • Installs in upright cabinet only
  • 8 different score tables (Lives 2, 3, 4, or 5 lives)


  • Targ
  • Spectar (sounds are the same as Targ)
  • Side Trak (Very similar to Exidy's Crash, car is used instead of a train)




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Customer reviews for "Spectar Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit"
27 Sep 2022

This is awesome!

Great save kit with a few more games. Saves scores and has free play!

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What's the difference between a high score save kit and an online high score save kit?

I see there are multiple high score save kits for the same game. What's the difference? Which one should I choose?

Great Question!

While all of the high score save kits save scores, have an on screen menu for difficulty settings and other features like attract sounds (Please see the description under each kit for full details)

There are usually 2 or 3 main types - 

High Score Save kit - This is a great option for anyone wanting to save scores and have free play option on their game with some other cool options! Again, please see the product description page for each kit you are looking at.

Online High Score Save kit - This is next level stuff! You can now save your scores locally on your machine and upload your scores to the Global High Score Save web page! (you even get a customized web site that will have all your games on the page) Here is  a link to the Global High Score page - http://arcadehighscores.com/

Information uploaded is not just your initials and score, but also uploads the day, time, difficulty levels, how many guys used, players name, city and country you are in and the name of your arcade!

Please remember, you need to have internet access and your high score save kit connected to it. As of right now, there are CAT5 modules to plug in or there are WiFi modules available for select high score save kits. This information is on the online high score save description page. Click the LEARN MORE button below for more details!

Braze High Score Save kit - The Braze high score save kits give you features listed under each product and are not capable of uploading scores online.

Hope this helps answer your question!

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