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Pacman Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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Need a z80 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

Fast or Original Version Freeplay or Coin Attract Mode with or without... more
Product information "Pacman Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


  • Fast or Original Version
  • Freeplay or Coin
  • Attract Mode with or without Freeplay on
  • Separate High Score Table for Fast or Original play!
  • HIgh Score Table - Save your top 10 scores with initials for Fast and Original Version
  • Menu for dip switches and settings
  • "Cheat" Mode
  • Start at Level 255
  • Extended Scoring - 9,999,990 points
  • Attract Sounds that you can set for 25%, 50% or every attract screen! 
  • "Stealth Mode" - Choose what game the kit boots to!
  • Rom Saver - Program roms in row 6 MUST be removed with kit installed
  • 5E and 5F must be present
  • This kit will work on a Pacman or Ms Pacman pcb. Theyre the same pcb, however, you will not use the Ms Pac Daughter card and ribbon cable, you will use ours. You can reuse the z80 on that daughter card and transfer to our kit.


Game List - 

Fast version -

  • Pacman

Original version -

  • Pacman

This kit plugs into your z80 socket, using a provided ribbon cable. This socket is under the syncbus card. You can use on a standard Pacman pcb OR a Ms Pacman pcb.

You may have a FAST or ORIGINAL speed pcb, it will not matter since the kit replaces the Row 6 roms. Please check user guide for pictures of where they are at.


Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing.


You can purchase the online version of the save kit that features the high score upload to the internet above for $15 in the drop down choices. You will receive a specific SK and PK Key that will unlock this feature and an online module that connects with a Cat5 or Cat6 cable. See the bottom of the User Guide for more details on DHCP and DNS settings needed.

The online module will allow you to display your own arcade score board and you can compete against other game players with our save kits globally, in your own country or just in your own game room!*

You can have multiple games with online capabilities on your network. We recommend using an access point in your game room. The access point can have a switch attached that can add up to 64 ports to upload scores. These switches can be purchsed separately at any major electronics store for under $30. Once you have your games online, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

 * You are not able to add the online module after the initial purchase as the socket and connectivity LED lights for it will not be populated.

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Customer reviews for "Pacman Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
14 Aug 2020

10/10 Pac Upgrade

Everything from the mass amount of user settings, to the little details of the cutscenes where Pac-Man goes at normal speed while the game is in sped-up mode, this kit is perfect for any Pac machine. Playing a game set on hard difficulty in sped-up mode makes for a very fun challenge and is what I will prefer going forward. Again, 10/10 kit.

3 Aug 2020

Simple install

Great way to have fast and original speed and save your scores with initials

24 May 2020

Great kit - super easy to install. Up and working in less than 15 minutes and now all my scores stay put. Great menu. Great product.


16 May 2020

Easy way to get fast version and save my scores

9 May 2020

This is a must have kit if you own a Pacman game! Easy to use menu, installation requires no soldering so it is pretty easy. The game select menu is great, and able to save all the scores in each game. Fast Pac is totally different than slow. Other kits d

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