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Arkanoid | Tournament Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit

This product is currently not available.
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This product is currently not available

Need a z80 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

Installs on an Arkanoid or Arkanoid Tournament PCB Easy install -  No... more
Product information "Arkanoid | Tournament Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


  • Installs on an Arkanoid or Arkanoid Tournament PCB
  • Easy install - No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in and go!
  • Save your scores forever -  We use a serial eprom, not failure prone NVRAM or batteries
  • High Score Save - Saves the Top 5 scores!
  • Set Default Game what the kit boots to - Arkanoid, Arkanoid Tournament or last game played
  • Has separate score tables - Different high score table for each game [Arkanoid and Arkanoid Tournament] also each life setting [3 lives or 5 lives]
  • Attract Sounds - Hear what you've been missing! Set at 25%, 50% or 100% of the attract screen rotation!
  • Freeplay - No more coins or opening up the coin door!
  • Coin Up - Still supports coins if wanted
  • Copyright message - Can be set to HSS or Taito
  • Attract Mode - Minimize your screen burn. No more "static" screens! The attract screen rotates screens...which means no burn!
  • Allow "Continue mode" if set to coin play only, not available on Free Play!
  • Change DIP settings - Menu driven. No more pulling out your game to get inside to change dip switches!
  • Rom Saver - Original program roms CAN be removed
  • Support - Can be used in an Upright or Cocktail cabinet!


  • Backup and Restore - Able to backup high scores and restore them later! Ideal for before and after game room parties!
  • Reset Button - Restart a game without turning the entire game off (Requires to be ENABLED in menu)
  • God Mode - Keep cranking through the levels...the game will never end!
  • Flip Screen - Can use this setting to rotate picture 180 degrees


  • Arkanoid
  • Arkanoid Tournament Edition


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Customer reviews for "Arkanoid | Tournament Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
9 Mar 2024

Shipped out fast

Cool kit. Allows the extra levels to be played on our game. It was very easy to install and works perfect.

7 Jan 2024

Received as a gift from my wife

Had to look up on how to install. It was pretty simple once I saw the install guide. This kit works great and allows the extra levels to be played on my arcade cabinet. The ability to have free play and not opening up the coin door is great. The additional Tournament mode is great.

24 Oct 2023

Solid kit

25 Sep 2023

Arrived quickly


29 May 2023

Great multigame kit

Nice not to have to use a pcb switcher

9 May 2023

Another amazing multigame for my arcade room!

22 Mar 2023

This is a great kit!!

As it says, it's a simple installation.

12 Mar 2023

Fast shipping and works great!

2 Mar 2023

Highly recommended for Arkanoid cab

29 Jan 2023

Fast shipping

Great kit! Can't say how easy it is to install on my pcb

27 Jan 2023

Arkanoid needed this!

Saves scores. Switching between Tournament is simple. Shipped out quick after ordering

15 Jan 2023

Works great! Fast shipping

One of the easiest multigame kits I've installed. No soldering!

29 Dec 2022

Another great save kit I've purchased from Highscoresaves.com

26 Dec 2022

Arrived fast and works great

Cool kit. Family likes the Tournament levels

23 Dec 2022

This is perfect!

Able to play the different Tournament levels now! This arrived quick, simple to install like the description stated and plays better than good!

20 Dec 2022

Thanks for the fast shipping!!!!

Arrives today! It was a real easy installation. Watched the video and followed the install guide.
Works great!

17 Dec 2022

If this is like any of the other kits...it'll be a homerun!

Saw on Facebook page that this is available! Ordered and had a tracking number within an hour! Love these multigame kits!

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