What is an "online High Score Save kit"?

What is an Online Free Play and High Score Save kit? It is a cool way to be competitive against other players! How cool is that?

Hypersports PCB Revision C

Want some undocumented facts about the Revision C Hypersports (Hyper Olympics '84) pcb? Come in for a quick read!

HSS Kit Time Line

Just a quick timeline of Highscoresaves kits and when they were first available.

JAMMA vs "CHAMMA" pinout

Here are the pinouts for a regular JAMMA harness and a 6 button "CHAMMA" harness
It is a good idea to back up your software in case of emergency. I recommend imaging your whole SD card for easy restore should something go bad.

Arcade PCB Repair Tips

This document describes tips for general debug and repair of older "classic" arcade PCBs. It assumes the reader has some familarity with basic electronics and some repair skills

Braze Technologies Event History

Oct-19-1999 - 1st Double Donkey Kong Multigame boardset auctioned on Ebay.
(It had no high score save, and did P1+P2 detection in hardware)
Hammer price was $227.99

Donkey Kong Junior Technical Info

DK and DKjr are similar designs, and as such, the failures and symptoms of these failures are very similar. The main differences between DK and DKjr are in the sound generation hardware for music as well as few differences in the amount of program store and size of the video sprites.

Donkey Kong Technical Info

There is much more technical information on my DKJr Tech page, much of which is applicable (or identical to DK).
When the game first powers up, it performs a series of selftest diagnostics to insure the game is operating properly. This kit can also be a useful tool for debugging broken boardsets.