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Venture Free Play and High Score Save Kit

$55.00 *

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Need a 6502 processor?:

Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

  • VENTURE.3.3
Freeplay or Coin Use Upright Attract Mode (w/sound) with or without Freeplay... more
Product information "Venture Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


  • Freeplay or Coin Use
  • Upright
  • Attract Mode (w/sound) with or without Freeplay on
  • 4 different score tables (Lives 2, 3, 4, or 5 lives)
  • HIgh Score Table - Save your top 5 scores with initials
  • On screen menu for dip switches and settings 
  • Attract Sounds that you can set for 25%, 50% or every attract screen! 
  • Change the logo from Exidy or www.HighScoreSaves.com
  • Reset game - "Soft Boot" when you want to start over
  • "Stealth Mode" - Boots straight to game


This kit plugs into your 6502 socket

 Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing



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Customer reviews for "Venture Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
8 Oct 2023

Highly recommended and works perfect!

12 Mar 2023

Fast shipping and works great!

13 Nov 2022

Loving the new save kit we ordered!

11 Sep 2021

Thank you for the great kit

This was very easy to install. Removed the 6502 processor, put it on the kit and installed the kit in that spot. Couldn't be easier, thank you

25 Apr 2021

Much needed

This game always needed a high score saver, this kit hives it to you and more

13 Feb 2021


This was a simple installation and the family loves the competition!

25 Aug 2020

Excellent kit!

Very easy installation

21 Jun 2020

Excellent product

Works great, Now a Multi Venture\Pepper II, and MouseTrap board must be coming soon right? :)

6 Jun 2020

Simply glorious

12 May 2020

Venture HS save kit

Finally! We have a hs save kit for Exidy games! I was soooo happy to finally see these. Installed in a few minutes and works great! Fantastic!

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