What's an online high score save kit?

Quick Overview -

Online high score save kits allows you to save your scores on your game and goes an extra step...uploads your scores to the web for competition all over the world!


Information -

You can purchase the online version of the save kit that features the high score upload to our internet page - www.arcadehighscores.com [and your own personal web page that we provide for all your games]. You will be sent an email with a few questions once your order has shipped out.

Once you send back the answers from the email, you will receive a specific SK and PK Key and your website link that will unlock the online feature.

Your online save kit will have a wired module or a WiFi Module [that you choose at purchase] that connects to the internet with a Cat5 or Cat6 cable or your wireless router.*

See the bottom of the the high score save kit's User Guide for more details on DHCP and DNS settings needed. 99.9% of the time, your router will set the DNS and DHCP properly on it's own.

The online save kits will allow you to display high scores on your own web based arcade score board [plus on your arcade game cabinet] and you can compete your high score against other game players with our save kits globally, in your own country or just in your own game room!


  • The CAT5/CAT6 Module will need to be connected with a switch or directly to a router.
  • The Wifi Module will connect to your router using your mobile device.
  • You can have multiple games with online capabilities on your network.
  • We recommend using an access point in your game room.
  • The access point can have a switch attached that can add up to 64 ports to upload scores.
  • These switches can be purchased at any major electronics store for under $30.
  • These online kits are noted in the store with "ONLINE" in the title.
  • All of our save kits will have this option. Over the next few months, you will have a choice of CAT5 or WiFi. Each product will state what is currently available. 


Once you have your games online, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!


*NOTE - You are not able to add the online module after the initial purchase as the socket and connectivity LED lights for it will not be populated. However, you will be able to upgrade from CAT5 to WiFi at anytime.


Types of Modules - 

Here are the modules -





How to set up your WiFi Module -