JAMMA 4 in 1 Selector

JAMMA 4 in 1 Selector
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Lets you play up to four Jamma or other pcb's in your vertical  or horizontal monitor... more
Product information "JAMMA 4 in 1 Selector"

Lets you play up to four Jamma or other pcb's in your vertical or horizontal monitor Jamma cabinet. Solid state switching for quiet and reliable operation. Can use a mix of up to four of the adapter boards, please see Adapter Section.

The JAMMA 4 in 1 game switcher allows you to play up to 4 JAMMA pcbs (2 or 3 is fine too!) or Nintendo adapters can be used too, however, the DK, DKJR, DK3 and D2K adapter are on a vertical screen orientation, while other boards may be horizontal.

Each 4in1 Selector comes standard with two adapter power cables, additional cables can be purchased for $5 each. The ribbon cable does support up to four adapters. 


We highly suggest for those looking to do a switcher in a Nintendo Classic cabinet, please use this NINTENDO DK 4 GAME SWITCHER.




All Vector Labs products have a limited lifetime warranty from defects in workmanship. We cannot warranty out products from improper installiation, power surges, lightning strikes, etc.  All of our products have install guides in PDF format that you can download in advance of ordering so that you can determinine if you have the technical skills to perform the install.

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