Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit

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Need a 40 pin dual wipe socket?:

Want to add a Star Wars instruction magnet?:

Need a 6809E processor?:

  • SWESB.1.5
  Easy install -  No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug... more
Product information "Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit"


  • Easy install - No soldering, board modifications or special wiring. Plug in and go!
  • Star Wars PCB - Installs on an original Atari Star Wars PCB to play both games
  • Save your scores forever -  Saves scores without batteries
  • High Score Save - Saves the Top 8 scores!
  • Freeplay - No more coins or opening up the coin door!
  • Coin Up - Still supports coins if wanted
  • Attract Sounds - Hear the infamous music!
  • Support - Can be used in an Upright or Cockpit cabinet!


  • Changing games - Pressing/holding the left thumb button and tapping the right thumb button


  • Star Wars
  • The Empire Strikes Back



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Customer reviews for "Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Free Play and High Score Save Multigame Kit"
3 May 2024

Love this kit

New ESB levels made my arcade even better!

9 Feb 2024

Able to play Empire Strkes Back now!


7 Jan 2024

Happy happy happy!

The Star Wars kit is what we wanted! Has all the options that a kit can provide. Saving scores, free play and attract sounds! Plus, has Empire Strkes Back!

3 Jul 2023

Well made kit. Not difficulty at all to install. Have done 10 of these with no issues.

These are great kits. Sometimes people don't like to mess with their Star Wars boards if they're working. But, these kids make it easy.

7 Jun 2023

May the force be with you

Awesome kit

9 May 2023

Empire strikes back is awesome

Buy it and play it

18 Dec 2022

Works great!

Very fast shipping during Christmas season

10 Nov 2022

Great Star Wars multigame kit

7 Apr 2022

Great Kit and Great After Sales Support

Great kit and easy enough to install. Had an issue with mine not working when I installed, (spot killer pulsing) and had great support trying to work through it. Turned out the kit was flawless and one of the sockets on the board for the Vector Eprom (1L) was faulty I installed a replacement, put the kit back in and was up and running.

27 Oct 2021

Great Star Wars multigame save kit

Highly recommend

2 Jun 2020

Pretty easy to install, arrived quick

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Free Play operation

Does the game need to be in Coin up mode. In free play mode I can't get the game to change? It only starts as soon as I press the left thumb button.

Couple things to check -

1. Do both thumb buttons work in gameplay? If not, you need to fix that.

2. Did you try shorting out the 2 pin header that is labeled "switch" on the main daughter card of the kit? That will always swap games...use this as a test to check if it's working proper, or, some use as a solution if their control yoke isn't fully functional

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