Braze Frogger Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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Installation of this kit is similar to other Braze Technology HS kits (replace CPU with... more
Product information "Braze Frogger Free Play and High Score Save Kit"


Installation of this kit is similar to other Braze Technology HS kits (replace CPU with kit). However some additional disassembly and reassembly of the boardset is required to gain access to the CPU. Additionally, some rearranging or replacement of the spacers is required in order to allow for extra spacing between the boards. See detailed installation instructions.

          • Kit installs in just minutes. No board modifications or special wiring is required. No soldering required. See detailed Installation Guide.
          • Top 5 high scores are remembered permanently, long after the game has been powered off. No batteries to replace ever.
          • True "free play". No coins required. No need to open your coin door.
          • Full (standard) attract mode while in free play mode.  
          • High Score Initials. A user friendly interface collects your initials for the high score table as found in other game such as Donkey Kong. 3 letters per score. Saved permanently along with the top 5 scores.
          • Special high quality gold plated machined header pins on daughter card. Provides a perfect mate with your Frogger CPU socket. High reliability and strength for a long lasting connection. Daughter card snaps firmly into place.
          • Extensive powerup diagnostics automatically tests your board each time the game powers up.
          • On screen settings menu allows easy changing of game settings and erasing of high scores without having to crawl into your machine and remember complicated DIP switch settings.
          • Extensive On screen test mode allows further testing of your PCB in addition to the automatic selftest. Allows testing of sound effects, background music, video sprites, video characters, and color maps. 


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Customer reviews for "Braze Frogger Free Play and High Score Save Kit"
8 Nov 2023

Good save kit

This kit is the same as the HSS version. However, after seeing all the kits that sells and created over the last few years, I'll be buying those! Fast shipping here too

29 Aug 2020

Perfect product! What more could anyone ask for but to have your best Frogger score be saved for everyone to see.

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Does this kit come with stand offs?

Does this kit come with stand offs?

No. We have noticed that most collectors have their own "stash" of longer spacers/stand offs. Some have a hardware store nearby. We have seen customers use a Bic ball point pen and cut that up to desired heights...

However, we do have an option to purchase standoffs, either in the drop downs of the kits that may need (for an additional charge), or, in the link below.

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