Braze Space Invaders Deluxe Free Play and High Score Save Kit Multigame

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  • SIDBRAZE.3.2
Free Play, High Score Save, powerup Diagnostics, on-screen configuration... more
Product information "Braze Space Invaders Deluxe Free Play and High Score Save Kit Multigame"



Free Play, High Score Save, powerup Diagnostics, on-screen configuration Settings, and an interactive testmode.

  • Easy to install kit that extends your Space Invaders boardset to play 8 games.
  • Kit installs in minutes! No soldering or special skills needed. No special wiring or switches are needed! Switch between games by simply pressing both the player-1 and player-2 start buttons at the same time. A game selection menu will appear. Includes on-screen game configuration settings and high score save for all games.


  • You may need to install a socket for your 8080 CPU. Please check your PCB.
  • * Galaxy Wars does not support Free Play


  • Space Invaders
  • Space Invaders Deluxe
  • Jatre Specter
  • Lunar Rescue
  • Space Laser
  • Balloon Bomber
  • Galaxy Wars *
  • Super Earth Invasion


What board types will this kit work with?

This kit (initially) only works for the Midway black and white monitor style game. The board set can be either Space Invaders or Space Invaders Deluxe. The board set consist of 2 pcbs in an L shaped configuration.

Will it work in my cocktail game?

Yes it should, as long as it is a Midway black and white style cocktail and not the color taito version. It should be noted that the game software is unaware of whether the game board is installed into a cocktail cabinet or an upright cabinet, and that differences (strapping options) on the sound/input pcb of the boardset determine if it is configured for cocktail or upright. Additionally, the cocktail screen flipping function is done by relays in the monitor itself which will swap the yoke wires.

What are the differences in the real games versus the multigame?

Good question. The answer apart from the extra features (such as free play, diagnostics, and high score save), would be sounds. I only own SI and SID games, so I'm not sure at this point how different the sounds are for the other games. All sounds are mapped onto the 8 available sounds that your SI/SID boardset provides. The sounds for SI/SID are close to identical.

Additional configuration options have been added that were not available on the original games. Such as more options for number of laser bases and extra score levels for bonus awards including no bonus awards.

Some games have extended scoring which was not part of the original game


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Customer reviews for "Braze Space Invaders Deluxe Free Play and High Score Save Kit Multigame"
10 Aug 2021

Only way to own a Space Invaders Deluxe!

Works great and the added games well worth it! Not just fluff! I've added SID to the Twin Galaxies high score leaderboards, love to see some submissions!

22 Dec 2020

Very fast shipping

7 Jun 2020

Cannot believe I just heard of this kit. Double thumbs up!!

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