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Double Donkey Kong Remix Multigame High Score Save Kit

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    This kit installs on a Modded Double  Donkey Kong Jr PCB... more
Product information "Double Donkey Kong Remix Multigame High Score Save Kit"
This kit installs on a Modded Double Donkey Kong Jr PCB
Double Donkey Kong Remix kit features - 
  • 7+ Donkey Kong games all in one kit:  Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Remix, Donkey Kong Deranged, Donkey Kong Trainer, Donkey Kong with pace calculator, Donkey Kong Junior and Donkey Kong Junior Remix (which also includes Donkey Kong Junior Classic)
  • Soft menu settings for all games
  • Permanently save all, first-only or no high scores
  • Optional free play mode
  • Switching between all games.  Any game can be set as the default boot game
  • For use with a Double Donkey Kong PCB
  • Also compatible with Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior PCBs, but only their respective game subsets are playable (eg: Donkey Kong Junior and Donkey Kong Junior Remix when used with a  Donkey Kong Junior PCB)


Featured games - 

  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Junior
  • Donkey Kong Remix (4 original stages, 6 new stages, 3 bonus stages, many new game mechanics and variations of stages)
  • Donkey Kong Junior Remix (4 original stages, 7 new stages, 4 new bonus stages, new game mechanics and variations)
  • Donkey Kong Junior Classic (the original game bugfixed, no control lag and improved balance of difficulty)
  • Donkey Kong Deranged (the original game cranked up to 11, new types of wild barrels, more fireballs, etc!)
  • Donkey Kong Trainer (Skip stages, restart stages, undo deaths, slow down or speed up gameplay, great for practicing your game)
  • Donkey Kong with pace (the original game now with built-in pace calculator and scoring statistics)
All games have high score saves and freeplay modes



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Boot to default game?

I was wondering if this would be compatible with my DDK board before I consider moving to a TKG4 board. Mine is an original Braze conversion that doesn't allow you to change the default boot game. If compatible, will I be able to change the default booting game to DK even though my older conversion doesn't allow it?

Correct, as the DDK mod does not allow for selecting the boot game, the DDK kit does allow.

See pic, circled in yellow where to change -