Installation Guide | Donkey Kong Junior Remix Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit

Installation Guide | Donkey Kong Junior Remix Multigame Free Play and High Score Save Kit
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Donkey Kong Junior Remix Installation Guide


Steps for a successful install of your online or offline high score save kit -

·       Ensure your gameboard is working 100% before installing kit

·       Ensure power to game is off before removing your gameboard from  cabinet

·       Label any connectors that you will be disconnecting. This will make reinstalling easier once kit is on gameboard

·       Note which way your connectors/cables are on. (We suggest taking pictures to help you remember!)

·       Work in a well-lit area on your workbench




Please note – you will need a z80 to install on this kit. There is an option to purchase in the drop downs of the product page when you order. Or you can use an existing one have. 


Overview –

Donkey Kong Junior Remix Installation Instructions

Locate the Z80A-CPU chip on the Donkey Kong Junior PCB. The Z80 is one of the 3 large chips on the top board of the DJR1 board set. The Z80 socket has 7C marked in the silk screening next to it. Take note of the chip orientation and with the power turned off, carefully pry the Z80 out of its socket using a micro screwdriver or other flat implement. Carefully lift each end of the chip a bit at a time to remove it without bending its pins.

Once the Z80 chip has been removed, carefully insert it into the empty socket on the DK Junior Remix PCB. Take note to place the chip in the correct orientation. There is a circular indentation on the chip to mark which side Pin 1 is on. On the DK Junior Remix PCB there is a round mark in the silk screening under the socket to indicate which side Pin 1 is on and a printed asterisk * beside Pin 1 of the socket.

After the Z80 CPU has been inserted into the DK Junior Remix PCB the board can be plugged into the empty Z80 socket on the DJR1 Donkey Kong Junior board. Make sure to orient the DK Junior Remix PCB so that Pin 1 lines up with Pin 1 on the DJR1 board. The chips on the DJR1 board and the DK Junior Remix board will have their chips and the lettering on the chips oriented in the same direction.

Align the header pins underneath the DK Junior Remix PCB with the Z80 socket on the DJR1 board and carefully begin pressing the board down into the empty socket until it makes a solid connection. Make sure that each pin underneath the DK Junior Remix PCB is going into a Z80 socket pin and that none of the pins are bending or sticking outside of the Z80 socket.

Installation is now complete and the game is ready to be powered up.

The first time the hardware is powered up the DK Junior Remix board should boot straight into the Service Menu. If the game booted without first going into the Service Menu you can enter the Service Menu by holding down the Service Switch while power is being turned on. This may require two people, one to turn the power on and one to hold the Service Switch down. If your cabinet does not have a functional Service Switch it is also possible to enter the service menu by holding down both 1P and 2P buttons while power is turned on (if this feature is enabled in the menu settings.)

The default hardware and game settings can be chosen within the menu. Once the settings are chosen select “Save And Exit” and press the “Jump” button to save the settings. The selected default game will then start up. On subsequent power-ups the selected default game will boot automatically without the DK Junior Remix board first going into the Service Menu.

Donkey Kong Junior Remix Service Menu Instructions

To enter the Service Menu, hold the Service Switch down one second while powering the game up. (Holding the P1+P2 Start buttons during power up may also optionally be used.)

Power-On Game: Sets which Donkey Kong Junior game the hardware will start up when powered on.

Settings Menu: Selects the method to get back into the Service Menu. “Hold P1-P2” enables the Service Menu to be entered if P1+P2 Start buttons are held down during power up. If the game will be in a public location it is preferable to select “Service SW” so that only the operator may enter the Service Menu. Holding the Service Switch during power up will enter the menu if either option is selected.

Game Switch: Enables switching between the different Donkey Kong Junior games while the cabinet is powered up. Holding the “Jump” button depressed for 4 seconds while a game is in its attract mode will switch games. If game switching is disabled only the default power-on game will be playable.

Save Scores: All, 1st Only or None. Selects the number of entries of the high score table that will be saved between power cycles. This setting is applied to all versions of Donkey Kong Junior available. Each game retains its own saved scores.

Erase Scores: Selecting this option (twice to confirm) will erase all saved scores once “Save And Exit” is selected. If this option was accidentally selected you can turn the power off without selecting “Save And Exit” and the scores will not yet be erased.

DIP Switches: The DK Junior Remix board allows games to load their DIP Switch settings from either the DIP switches on the Donkey Kong Junior PCB or from the user selected settings in the Service Menu. If PCB DIP Switch is selected the menu will display the settings that the DIP Switches currently are set to. If Soft Menu is selected the operator will be able to choose settings directly from the menu.

Lives: Selects the number of Juniors to begin each game with.

Bonus At: Selects the point value at which an additional Junior will be awarded. In Donkey Kong Junior Remix it is also possible to earn more than one Junior during a game (eg: also after every additional 150,000 points after the initial bonus Junior.)

Coinage: Selects the coin(s) per play(s). Donkey Kong Junior does not normally support a setting for Free Play. For this reason Donkey Kong Junior Remix's Free Play setting will automatically also be applied to Donkey Kong Junior if the Free Play option is selected for Donkey Kong Junior Remix.

Save And Exit: Saves the selected settings, Exits the service menu and starts up the default selected power-on game.

Donkey Kong Junior Trainer Instructions

Donkey Kong Junior Trainer can be enabled or disabled in the service menu under the options for Donkey Kong Junior. If DK JR TRAINER is set as AVAILABLE, the Donkey Kong Junior Trainer will simply be part of the rotation of games when switching between games. The POWER-ON GAME can also be set to Donkey Kong Junior Trainer and then it will be the game that boots up when your cabinet it powered on.

Donkey Kong Junior Trainer operates only in Free Play, one player and 3 lives settings.

Donkey Kong Junior Trainer button controls:

Push the One Player button to start a game.

To warp to Level 4, simply push the One Player button a second time before the gameplay has started.

While a game is being played, each tap of the One Player button will reduce the game speed by 10%. (Reducing the speed all the way to 0% pauses the game.) Each slightly longer tap of the One Player button will increase the game speed by 10% (to a maximum of 100% play speed.) Holding the One Player button for one second or more will reset the game speed back to normal (100%)

A tap of the Two Player button will reset and restart the current screen/stage. A stage may even be restarted while a death animation is in-progress, effectively allowing an “undo” of a death. A longer tap of the Two Player button can be used to skip the current screen/stage and move on to the next stage. Holding the Two Player button for two seconds or more before releasing it will quit a game in progress and return back to DK Junior’s attract mode.

Additional On-Screen indicators in Donkey Kong Junior Trainer:

Below the player’s score, DK Junior trainer also displays how many points have been scored on the current screen/stage.

Below that, F ##### displays how many points were scored from fruits and fruit smashes on the current stage.

J ##### show how many points were scored from jumping over enemies on the current stage.

In the top/center of the screen is the PACE indicator. Pace updates after every screen is played. Pace is an estimation of the points a player’s game will score upon reaching the kill screen. Because Donkey Kong Junior is a game with a set number of screens the more points a player earns per stage the higher the pace will be.

In the top/right corner of the screen, SPD ### indicates the speed the game is running at (100 is normal speed).

Below that, LAG ## shows how many frames of lag/delay your next joystick input will incur before Junior moves when he is climbing vines. Donkey Kong Junior has a peculiar bug/feature when he’s climbing vines where there is a delay between his motions/animations. This is part of the original game. By having this display it’s possible to learn how this lag works and how to avoid getting stuck with a long delay before being able to move again. After Jr switches to a new climbing animation, the lag counter resets to a different value depending which way he is climbing, but by tapping the joystick in any direction afterwards the lag counter can be decreased. By timing/coordinating joystick inputs carefully you can make sure the lag counter is low and your next movement will not be delayed.

Pace chart and scoring calculator:

After a game has ended a pace chart will be displayed. On the left side is displayed the list of game levels 1-22 and beside that will be the accumulated score earned on each level. If the player lost lives it shows which stages the death occurred and how many points were scored on that stage.


On the right side is displayed the score total at the end of each level as well as projected scores for the rest of the game had the game not ended (based on how the player had been playing.) Actual scores are displayed in white and score predictions in orange with the last score showing what the score would have been when reaching the kill-screen.




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