Asteroids Multigame Kit Analog to Digital Thruster Interface

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  The ADL (Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe/Lunar Lander) A2D (analog to digital) Thruster... more
Product information "Asteroids Multigame Kit Analog to Digital Thruster Interface"


The ADL (Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe/Lunar Lander) A2D (analog to digital) Thruster Interface is a small circuit board designed to plug into Braze Technology's Multigame kit. It allows an analog thruster control to be used instead of buttons when playing Lunar Lander.

The interface was designed to allow for a variety of input pots and is adjustable for a range of digital output values, and there is plenty of room to dial it in. Target output values are based on research done on dedicated Lunar Lander machines, the adaptation of the Lunar Lander code in the Braze kit, and even input from one of the original engineers of the game. It was designed to use a 5K potentiometer as found in the original Lunar Lander thruster control, but has the flexibility to adjust if a different value is used. 


Includes -

  • Fully assembled adapter
  • Three-wire cable to connect the input pins to the potentiometer on to your thruster


  • attentionThis adapter is only for the Asteroids Multigame (not the Asteroids Deluxe Multigame kit)
  • Asteroids Multigame Kit or Lunar Lander Thruster is not included





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Customer reviews for "Asteroids Multigame Kit Analog to Digital Thruster Interface"
11 May 2024


Added this and a thruster to my multigame kit

9 Mar 2024

Cool adapter

Needed this to connect a thruster to the Asteroids multigame. Thanks

1 Oct 2022

Must have with the thruster for a multi asteroids cab

21 Nov 2021

Easy installation for the thruster

19 Nov 2021

Easy to use adapter

5 Nov 2021

Nice piece of needed equipment for the LL thruster project

Ordered a month or so ago, works beautiful with the Asteroids multigame kit

18 Oct 2021


Happy with this adapter

16 Oct 2021


Simple install.
Simple adjustable knobs.
Simple to play with thruster.

14 Oct 2021


Thanks for making these. You guys are awesome

7 May 2021

Love the A->D thruster interface

I added this to my Braze Ast Multigame board and now I have analog thrust when I play LL. I made my own 5k pot thruster to sit on top of my AST Cocktail: L shaped aluminum with 5k pot and knob wired to this interface board. Works Great!

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Will the AD multigame work with the analog thruster pcb if make header is populated?

Will the AD multigame work with the analog thruster pcb if make header is populated?

No it wont.

The thruster interface is off the pokey, no pokey on dlx kit. Could have added a 2nd pokey just for that, but i didn't do the software for that thinking nobody would pay for a 2nd pokey just for thruster, the other cheaper option would  have been remove pokey on dlx board, plug into kit, then solder the analog sound wire like ast does. Sort of like making the dlx kit into an ast kit.  Populate the caps and resistors and 40 pin socket, but there is no software enabled in the dlx image to map the pokey to a different address, ie not the one on the board but the kit instead.  Any of those options were possible, i just didn't implement any for dlx.

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