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Lets you play up to four Nintendo pcb's in your DK, DK3 or DKJr cabinet. Solid state switching... more
Product information "DK 4 in 1 Game Selector"

Lets you play up to four Nintendo pcb's in your DK, DK3 or DKJr cabinet. Solid state switching for quiet and reliable operation. Can use a mix of up to four of the adapter boards.

Each 4in1 Selector comes standard with two adapter power cables, additional cables can be purchased for $5 each. The ribbon cable does support up to four adapters. These are included in the drop down selections above.


This Vector Labs Nintendo DK 4 game switcher allows you to play other Vertical Nintendo classics in your Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr or Donkey Kong 3 cabinets!

This switcher is solid state and allows for quiet, reliable switching between your pcbs. You are able to connect up to 4 of the adapters on this switcher (or 2 or 3) that are listed below.

Please note the orientaton of your monitor. For example, you will not be able to put a Popeye (horizontal orientation) pcb in with a Donkey Kong (vertical orientation) pcb. 


Adapters that can be used on this switcher (No adapters come with switcher THEY ARE SOLD SEPARATELY)-



All Vector Labs products have a limited lifetime warranty from defects in workmanship. We cannot warranty out products from improper installiation, power surges, lightning strikes, etc.  All of our products have install guides in PDF format that you can download in advance of ordering so that you can determinine if you have the technical skills to perform the install. 


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Customer reviews for "DK 4 in 1 Game Selector"
11 Nov 2023

Arrived in 4 days to the United Kingdom

Good product. Plugs in my Nintendo pcbs in one cabinet

5 Jun 2021


Great service and support. Vector Labs - thank you! Joe at HSS, thanks! I’ve got all my DK needs met now in one cab!

23 Nov 2020

Install of DK, DK Jr & DK 3 pcbs into DK cabinet

Great set up and easy to install. Running DK, DK Jr & DK 3.

2 Jun 2020

Best switcher out there for 4 pcbs in your King cab!

30 May 2020

This switcher is very good. I now have Donkey Kong, Junior and DK3 in the same cabinet. Easy to swap game boards from the control panel and never have to open the back door again

Now I just need the high score kits for them. :)

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Do I need a pin to edge adapter?

Do I need a pin to edge adapter? 

That depends. The Pin to Edge adapter converts the old pin style cabinet wiring harness of DK or DKjr cabinets to the newer card edge connector which is what the 4n1 switcher uses.