Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart

Preview: Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart Video Video Preview: Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart Preview: Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart Preview: Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart Preview: Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart
This product is currently not available.
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This product is currently not available

  • AES.2
   We are the only USA Distributor for you Darksoft Multi Kit needs!... more
Product information "Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart"



 We are the only USA Distributor for you Darksoft Multi Kit needs!

There is no ETA on a restock of this AES cart


We are happy to introduce the revolutionary Darksoft Multi-AES cartridge. This cartridge is designed to run
any Neo-Geo game be it existing, homebrew or even games you may want to develop. It doesn't support any of the NGDEV games
and it won't support it in the future as a explicit request of NGDEV team.

The cartridge has the following features:

* Compatible with every existing NeoGeo game, homebrew or your own developed Neo-Geo software.
* Offers 3 simultaneous virtual slots. 
* Each slot offers 768 Mbits of memory, enough to hold the largest officially released game.
* MicroSD slot to add new games or software at any time. Supports FAT32 with long file names.
* Runs unpatched original ROMS.
* Includes the coolest menu that we could think of, with several navigating modes and amazing tunes.
* Menu is flexible, many options can be changed by the user.
* Includes support for saving soft dipswitches for each game.
* Includes support for saving High Scores for each game.
* Switch Regions without the need for a bootleg BIOS.
* Easy call back of menu at any time during game play with a joystick+button combination.
* Easy slot change at any time during gameplay with a joystick+buttons combination.
* 8 layer state-of-the-art PCB with Altera Cyclone IV, DDR memory, Flash memory and ARM processor. 
* Low power, high density design. 
* Updateable firmware and menu by just adding new files into the microSD.
* DDR technology allows to load the largest game in less than 18 secs as compared to 4 minutes of flash technology.
* Only available with a plastic shell for proper protection and storage. 
* Includes Replica shell and snaplock like an original Neo Geo Game, plus a PVC protection box
* Continuous support and improvements. Many more features coming soon.
* An outstanding track record of all of Darksoft's multi-game products!


Reminder - SD Card, if ordered, do not have menu/firmware or game paks installed on them

Please note - This product will ship with signature required for all orders

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Shipping is usually scheduled within 48 - 96 hours. If you have any concerns, please contact us directly.

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Shipping within the USA will ship with either USPS, UPS or FedEx. This will depend on the size and weight of the box being sent to you at the sole descretion of Highscoresaves.com.

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Premium International Shipping (2-5 Business Day Delivery), will use UPS or DHL for any order containing a Darksoft product. We cannot use USPS at this time since we have seen hold times at customs over 5 weeks.  

Any foreign shipment may be applicable for taxes and import fees. Please be aware that HighScoreSaves.com does not control these and are not responsible for them either. They are the responsibility of the consumer. 

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Customer reviews for "Darksoft NEO GEO Multi AES Cart"
4 Feb 2021

HighScoreSave are great but Darksoft Multi AES get issues

First of all, i want to said that HIGHSCORESAVE are great and super professionnal, the item was send in very good conditions, the shipping was smooth and everything was ok.

The 2 stars are for Darksoft the product himself, i got the cartridge an the 28th of december, and till now i didn't get it work, i have a blue screen every time, i take a new PSU with a high Amp and buy several sdcard, and nothing change. i wrote an to Darksoft on Arcade Project Forum and i didn't get any real solution.

I'm really disappointed with this product, i start to regret my buying, i should take a NeoSd Pro from Terraonion, the prices are the same (little bit more expensive for the terraonion solution)

I want to tell people to verify there console AES if they are compatible with the darksoft before any order, or they should buy the MVS version or the best way to enjoy ther Neogeo is to buy an AES original cartrigde i know prices are too expensive but you can find good stuffs.

Take care

28 Sep 2020

What a GREAT cart!

This is fantastic. After reviewing other options there is no comparison for the price. It was a smart idea to use DDR instead of flash. Not only does it mean that you can program games in a matter of 30-60 seconds max (if that) as opposed to the horrid 3-4 minutes (or more) of the competitors product in around the same price range, but as it is using DDR it will last forever. Flash ram degrades.
I have had zero issues with the latest firmware and menu software for this. I just received it today and have already played around 15 games for my AES. Really great cart.
If I had the money I would buy a spare!
Great job on the fast shipping and quality packaging guys. Very happy with this purchase!

14 Jul 2020

Neo Geo Greatness!

The order was smooth and they emailed me right away to make sure that the address didn't have any issues to it. I was surprised on how fast it came. Easy to use and set up though I do wish it did come with simple installation guide. The Cart is in a beautiful box, so why not ^_^ Thank you!

5 Jul 2020

Completes my NEO GEO

I'm so happy I saw this was on sale when I was looking for a multicart. Just bought a NEO GEO and can actually play games without paying some scalper hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single game. It works great too! Works fine with all the games I tried so far (although sometimes it depends on if it's set as MVS or AES, which is another cool feature I didn't expect). Still have to tinker with it more to see what else I can do, but I have zero regrets about getting it.

25 Jun 2020

Fantastic cart and super fast delivery!

Don't mess around just get one - now I can play all the games on my AES without needing a 2nd mortgage for the original carts! Easy to update and works like a dream

19 Jun 2020

Is all you need!

It does what it says, no hidden surprises and it's updated frequently, why I say that? after 2 years waiting for an update from the other cart I finally realized it was never going to happen, this cart is the one and only now I love it and definitely recommend it.

16 Jun 2020

As we all know...


11 Jun 2020

I wasn't a fan of being required to use Premium shipping to the UK.

While I wasn't wanting to use a Premium shipping service, I understood why. It's been crazy times with shipping for the last few months due to COVID-19.
Now that I have the package in my hands after 4 business days, I believe it is well justified. Very good job packaging the parcel and shipping was described very well on the product page and follow up confirmation email. Thank you Highscoresaves! Top communication skills!

6 Jun 2020

Love the new price! Fast delivery

24 May 2020

Fast shipping and pretty easy to install.

12 May 2020

Bought this cart and the CPS2. Great stuff

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Why doesn't Highscoresaves use USPS to ship Darksoft products internationally? 

There are 2 reasons -

  1. We require a signature upon delivery for all Darksoft products, it's stated in the description of each item. This is because it isn't our product that we made, but, a great product that someone else (Darksoft) made and we are trusted to be the USA Distributor for it. We need to ensure that it arrives safely to each and every customer.
  2. We have noticed that USPS is having LONG delay times in customs for certain countries. This is due to the country's customs or due to the recent COVID-19. We have seen it take over 6 weeks to even leave the USA, so we only offer Premium International shipping. ie. UPS or DHL that take 2-5 business days and gets the required signature of receipt of package.
Does this come with a printed manual?

I did not receive a printed manual, does this normally come with one?


The install guides/PDF are on each product page. These can be accessed on a desktop or mobile device and can be viewed within the browser or can be downloaded and printed if you like....we like to save a few trees so we do not ship out paper copies. But feel free to view/print all you want!

Click the button for link to how and where to get...

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I have some glitches error when I initialized the cartridge on my neo geo AES. Any thoughts on this?

I have some glitches error when I initialized the cartridge on my neo geo AES. Any thoughts on this?


This is exactly what happens if you update an AES cart using the firmware for MVS. Check out the forum here...

Learn more
New stock

Hello, do you know when your stock of Darksoft AES will be in stock? Thanks.

Sorry, no. There is no ETA. When items are restocked, they will be available on the site for purchase!