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RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi JAMMA adapter that converts a Raspberry PI into a true JAMMA board, allowing you to run tons of cool RPi software and emulators.  ARpiCADE is the operating system that runs the RaspberryJAMMA.

No modification to your JAMMA arcade cabinet is required (unless you want to add a kick harness). It can be configured for normal JAMMA (w/ optional kick harness) or for 6 buttons on JAMMA via dipswitches.

Video out is RGBS on JAMMA or can be reconfigured to output higher resolutions through VGA. The board features amplified mono sound or line level stereo can be used.

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ArPiCade JAMMA Adapter 4 Player | 4 Player Adapter only
ArPiCade JAMMA Adapter 4 Player | 4 Player...
This package includes - 4 Player Add On Adapter Only (You need the Arpicade main JAMMA pcb to work with this adapter) The Arpicade JAMMA adapter is found here - Or you can purchase the...
$64.99 *
Mini Arpicade JAMMA adapter
Mini Arpicade JAMMA adapter
"... a smaller, sleeker, more streamlined RaspberryJAMMA, the RaspberryJAMMA mini... perfect for todays modern high res JAMMA cab about town. Gone are the days of low res video sections left unused. No more unsightly ribbon cable and...
From $110.00 *
4 Player Arpicade JAMMA adapter
4 Player Arpicade JAMMA adapter
Welcome! You are about to get involved with the FIRST 3 or 4 Player Multi for your dedicated cabinet! Yes, this will allow you to play all your favorite 3 and 4 player games in a single CGA (Old School Tube Monitor) cabinet! We also...
From $199.99 *
Arpicade JAMMA adapter
Arpicade JAMMA adapter
RaspberryJAMMA running ARpiCADE is the easiest way to breath new life into your existing arcade cabinet. Simply plug in and get gaming. Raspberry JAMMA: an adapter that allows you to use a Raspberry PI to power your JAMMA compliant...
From $149.99 *