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  • MINIA.19
  "... a smaller, sleeker, more streamlined RaspberryJAMMA, the RaspberryJAMMA... more
Product information "Mini Arpicade JAMMA adapter"



"... a smaller, sleeker, more streamlined RaspberryJAMMA, the RaspberryJAMMA mini... perfect for todays modern high res JAMMA cab about town. Gone are the days of low res video sections left unused. No more unsightly ribbon cable and kick harness. No weird add-on (32x-like, ewww) four player board support."

  • The Mini RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi JAMMA adapter that converts a Raspberry PI into a true JAMMA board, allowing you to run tons of cool RPi software and emulators.  ARpiCADE is the operating system that runs the RaspberryJAMMA.
  • No modification to your JAMMA arcade cabinet is required. The Mini is configured for 6 buttons off your JAMMA harness (fully populated harness) Please see the "CHAMMA" wiring of the harnsess HERE)
  • Video out is off the Raspberry Pi itself (HDMI) or can be used with a DAC for VGA output (LCD/LED monitors). 


  • This is a lower cost solution for your high resolution (LCD/LED monitor) arcade cabinet!
  • This is a "bare bone" Raspberry Pi JAMMA adapter. Compared to the "Original Arpicade" it is missing a few of the options of the full board. 


  • Cannot use CGA (Low Resolution) images
  • Cannot be used with the 4 player adapter
  • The controls are ALWAYS set to 6 buttons off your JAMMA harness (No dip switch options or Kick Harnesses)
  • Images are only for the Pi3B or Pi3B+

This product is aimed more for the upgrade to a 60in1 / Pandoras Box cab crowd or perhaps even makers of new custom cabs than the vintage cab owners.  I get it if it doesn't really interest you, no pressure, don't be dazzled by the gold pcb!  They are actually gold plated (actually, it's "hard" gold over nickel) ;)

This is available without the DAC (although there is an option to purchase if you are using a LCD/LED flat screen monitor). If you are using HDMI, just plug it into the Pi itself!

 Now, you CAN use a Pi3B or Pi4 with this pcb adapter!

Pi4 can play Killer Instinct, but needs overclocking and even then, not perfectly... as it stands I don't plan to include it in any images.  In my opinion, the best thing about Pi4 is being about to run more games in newer MAME versions, unfortunately, the game list doesn't change too much but the emulation may be a bit better.   It can play some games the Pi3 can't very well though, SEGA NAOMI works pretty nicely (mostly) on Pi4...


Arpicade images are not returnable, but happy to exchange if an issue occurs. 


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Customer reviews for "Mini Arpicade JAMMA adapter"
16 Oct 2022

Easy to use

Ordered the new "vanilla version" menu and dropped my roms in. Nice and compact pcb. Uses VGA output for my upgraded monitor.

1 Oct 2022

Easy to use. Replaced my MAME setup

Fast delivery

2 May 2022

Great idea!

This works exactly as described

16 Apr 2022

VGA only adapter

Excellent, uses only a VGA monitor.

23 Oct 2021

Great upgrade from Pandora’s Box

Purchased this along with the 5000 game SD card. Excellent after sale customer service which helped me work through a couple challenges. One initial challenge for me was being able to access the full game list - Player one button 2 returns to main wheel. Thanks!

18 Aug 2021

Great little Rasp pi adapter

Thanks for this VGA only option!

27 Jul 2021

Very easy to upgrade my 60-in-1 pcb

Took a few minutes to out together. I bought the vertical 700 game image. Loaded it into the Pi and poof! Instant upgrade from 60 games to over 700! Thanks Highscoresaves, very fast shipping

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