PCB feet for Darksoft CPS2

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  Need PCB feet for your Darksoft CPS2? This is a 3D printed set of feet for... more
Product information "PCB feet for Darksoft CPS2"


Need PCB feet for your Darksoft CPS2?

This is a 3D printed set of feet for your Darksoft CPS2 Multi. These feet are designed to be assembled with no additional hardware, so they just snap in your case without anything else needed. Easily mount your PCB on your cabinet. Easy peasy!

Included -

  • 4 - CPS2 feet  


This is printed textured. Please see the pics. Looks way cooler than the typical 3D printed feet. 

Any 3D printed items, ie. LCD Case and PCB feet will vary in colors. I print what I have on hand, they may be black, orange, red, blue or whatever is available at time of order. 



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