Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement

Preview: Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement Video Video Preview: Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement
Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement
Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement
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  • 606364A1
Replacement of  the Namco custom ICs marked  ‘60A1', '63A1' and '64A1'  used... more
Product information "Namco '60A1', '63A1', '64A1' (3in1) replacement"

Replacement of  the Namco custom ICs marked  ‘60A1', '63A1' and '64A1'  used some Namco arcade PCBs.


The '60A1' is found on :


•Dragon Buster

•Sky Kid (all revisions except early one) 

•Sky Kid Deluxe

•Alien Sector 

•Baraduke, Metrocross  

•Rolling Thunder and all other System86 games

The '63A1' on :

  • Sky Kid (first revision)

The '64A1' on System 1 games :

  • Yokai Douchuuki (Shadowland)
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Blazer
  • Quester
  • Pac-Mania
  • Galaga '88
  • World Stadium
  • Berabow Man: Chouzetsu Rinjin (  Bravoman or Beraboh Man)
  • Marchen Maze
  • Bakutotsu Kijūtei
  • World Court
  • Splatterhouse
  • Face Off
  • Rompers
  • Blast Off
  • World Stadium '89
  • Dangerous Seed
  • World Stadium '90
  • Pistol Daimyo no Bōken
  • Souko Ban Deluxe
  • Puzzle Club (unreleased prototype)
  • Tank Force

You can  select the '60A1', '63A1'or '64A1' by setting a 2-way DIP switch located on bottom side of the board (see picture).Here are settings :


- 0 0  = '60A1'

- 1 0 = '63A1'

- 0 1 = '64A1'

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