PROM 82S129

PROM 82S129
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  • PROM.9
  This is a service to burn the PROM for games listed above. Inquire if you have another... more
Product information "PROM 82S129"


This is a service to burn the PROM for games listed above. Inquire if you have another game that may use this PROM. This includes the prom and programming of the prom.


Known as - 

  • PROM 82S129
  • 136002-125
  • 036408-01

Used in games like -

  • Donkey Kong 2e
  • DKJR 2e
  • Major Havoc 136002-125 at 6C
  • Quantum 136002-125 at 6H
  • Space Duel 136002-125 at N4
  • Black Widow and Gravitar 136002-125 at N4
  • Tempest main brd 136002-125 at D7
  • Battlezone main brd 036408.01 at K7
  • Red Baron main brd 036408.01 at K7


16Kbit Single write PROM CDIP16




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