Installation Guide | Braze Popeye Free Play and High Score Save Kit

Installation Guide | Braze Popeye Free Play and High Score Save Kit
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Product information "Installation Guide | Braze Popeye Free Play and High Score Save Kit"

Braze Popeye Installation Guide


Steps for a successful install of your online or offline high score save kit -

·       Ensure your gameboard is working 100% before installing kit

·       Ensure power to game is off before removing your gameboard from  cabinet

·       Label any connectors that you will be disconnecting. This will make reinstalling easier once kit is on gameboard

·       Note which way your connectors/cables are on. (We suggest taking pictures to help you remember!)

·       Work in a well-lit area on your workbench




Please note – you will need a z80 to install on this kit. There is an option to purchase in the drop downs of the product page when you order. Or you can use an existing one have. 


Overview –

This is what your pcb should look like. This kit will only work on a Popeye PCB.


Locate and remove the Z80 chip on the CPU board. Use the photos to assist in locating it. See Z80 Chip Identification for additional information. Remove the chip gently by using a flat head screwdriver to pry it out of its socket from each end.

Be careful not to bend any of the pins. If any pins do get inadvertently bent, or you will need to straighten them out before the next step. Needle nose pliers work the best for this.


 Insert the just removed Z80 chip into the empty 40 pin socket on the High Score Save Kit. Make sure pin-1 is correctly oriented. Pin-1 is marked on the Z80 chip usually by some type of indentation or circle molded into the plastic. The end of the chip with the marking, needs to match up with the socket on the daughter card that also has a marking on the plastic. Pin-1 is also labelled on the kit pcb with a "1". 

Kit will look like this installed -


NOTE – Your kit may be an updated version, but the layout is the same.


That's it!

·       Double check your work

·       Install back in cabinet using pictures you took and any marked connectors

·       Power up the game and enjoy!


If the game does not start, turn power off immediately, double check your work. 




Helpful link -


You will have 5 seconds to press P1 and enter setup mode, or the game will timeout and automatically transition to gameplay mode.

If the game does not come up, turn power off immediately, double check your work and read over the trouble shooting section.



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