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STV Multigame Kit

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STV Multigame Kit
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Add an 8GB SD Card:

Add a 3D Printed protective cover for the STV?:

  • STV.3
    We are the only USA Distributor for your Darksoft Multi Kit... more
Product information "STV Multigame Kit"




We are the only USA Distributor for your Darksoft Multi Kit needs! 


It is our pleasure to distribute the long awaited DARKSOFT'S STV CARTRIDGE!!


  • It works with Flash memories so whatever is in the memories will stay there until a new write or game change is made.
  • In order to change the content of the flashes you need to change the jumpers on the top of the cartridge. This will select the folder from where the microSD will read from.
  • The jumpers work on binary mode, so if you choose jumpers +32,+8 and +1 you'll end up with the number 41 and the content of the folder gamesgame_41 will be uploaded to the flashes. (jumper settings are included)
  • When the flash process starts, two lights will come up on the cartridge and you will hear the the sound saved in the file SoundsStart.wav(if it exists). When the process has finished only one light will remain on and you will hear the sound saved in the file SoundsEnd.wav (if it exists)
  • The cartridge can emit some noises and has two sound output options:
  • You can connect a speaker to SP+ and SP- in the cartridge
  • If you purchased a sound kit, you will hear it directly from the same speakers where The cartridge fits perfectly into the STV slot and solves some contact issues that many STV cartridges had.
  • In order to insert/remove the cartridge, please grab it from the sides and avoid pulling or pushing from the components side or forcing any components. It should enter gently.
  • The card inside the Micro SD slot can be inserted or removed at any time except during the update.

It's recommended to discharge your body touching ground, before handling this cartridge or the STV Motherboard as you'd do when handling any of your other arcade PCBs.

The cartridge requires a microSD Card (not included) in order to run the games. Check out for more information about available games. If there is any game or sound that you are not legally entitled to play, you should delete it.


8GB Class 4 Micro SD

     This is for you to load all your new games. Specs are for the STV (Class 4) and in your package if ordered. (Game packs are located in the normal places to download, does not come preloaded)


We offer these options so people have EVERYTHING that they need to install their kit. Note - These add ons are cheaper when purchased with the Darksoft STV Multi Kit as an add on and not individually. Any 3D printed items, ie. Case, LCD Case and PCB feet will vary in colors. I print what I have on hand, they may be black, orange, red, blue or whatever is available at time of order. 


If there is any issue with the cartridge or something is not working properly for you, please ask at forums or send us an email before posting “IT DOESN'T WORK”. Believe me, this cartridge has been tested extensively.


For more info and support, please visit our forum (click logo for link)



Now stop reading and go get yours!

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17 May 2020

Simple installation. Nice 3D printed case

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