Raspberry PI to Single Monitor Playchoice or VS Adapter

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The RPI to Single Monitor Playchoice or VS adapter allows you to plug a Raspberry Pi into your... more
Product information "Raspberry PI to Single Monitor Playchoice or VS Adapter"

The RPI to Single Monitor Playchoice or VS adapter allows you to plug a Raspberry Pi into your Single Monitor Playchoice or VS system.

This is NOT a JAMMA pinout. This is an adapter that is specific to the vs Unisystem OR PlayChoice 10 original wiring harness. 

How awesome is that? No need for an original pcb anymore!


This allows you to play many additional games in your cabinet with no changes to your existing cabinet wiring. Plus, you no longer need to worry about PPU type or a CPU!

Additionally, the adapter includes a Hardware Hotkey button that allows a combination of buttons to have alternate functions.

Any version of the Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin Header is supported, but the Raspberry Pi 3b+ is currently recommended. The adapter is software agnostic and requires only a minimal amount of configuration to start the Distribution and Front End of your choice.

Whats Included -

  • RPI to Single Monitor Playchoice or VS Adapter
  • USB cable to connect Rpi (3B+ is recommended)
  • 8GB SD card with menu system (no games are included)

 Optional -

  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ (needed for adapter to work, you can supply your own, or, purchase in the drop down above)
  • PCB Mounting Feet (4 in a set)


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11 Nov 2020


Excellent plug in solution! Comes with a front end and I added the roms. Look in shipping box, my SD card was in a separate bag. Works beautifully!

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Does this fully function as an original pcb?

Does this allow for games to be populated for both sides of a Dual Vs. cab and Red Tent? Will this run custom PC 10 games.

You can run this in a Red Tent or Dual Vs. cab if you have two harnesses or if you don’t use one side.  I have a Red Tent with the Playchoice kit and can run one on each side.  I haven’t tried Netplay but you are supposed to be able to have both sides play with each other as well if you wanted to.


As for custom PC 10 games, that shouldn’t be a problem.  Depends what you really are trying to do but NES emulation is pretty good so any PC 10 game should run fine.

Will a light Gun work with this?

I have a Duck Hunt cabinet and would like to know if an original light gun will work with this adapter?

No it would not.  You would need a light gun that works with Emulators and the Raspberry Pi.


I believe there are a few that work, but have never tried them.

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