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Pleiades Free Play and High Score Save Kit

This product is currently not available.
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This product is currently not available

Feature list almost the same as for the Phoenix kit with some extras that have been... more
Product information "Pleiades Free Play and High Score Save Kit"

Feature list almost the same as for the Phoenix kit with some extras that have been added after feedback (note that upright/cocktail mode is managed by hardware, so this needs to be selected by the physical DIP switch before installing the kit)

Menu driven software selectable DIPs for -

  • --- number of lives
  • --- bonus score
  • --- coin settings
  • --- freeplay or not
  • --- sound in attract mode (and how often do you want the sound to play)


  • - attract maintained in freeplay mode
  • - sound in attract mode (selectable on/off/every other/every 4th round of attract cycle)
  • - high scores saved to FRAM (no batteries)
  • - 5 position high score table (there's plenty more NVRAM, just no space on the screen)
  • - enter your initials (3 letters only, "old-school")
  • - print "FREEPLAY" on screen in freeplay mode and don't display credits (only during attract mode and not in gameplay)
  • - if you're not in freeplay mode, it still displays the credits in both attract mode and gameplay like the original game
  • - doesn't ask you to insert coins in freeplay mode
  • - you can remove the existing game ROMs from the flaky sockets
  • - reset high score table from menu
  • - Option to backup and restore the high score tables (so when you're having a party you can restore your old scores when it's finished)
  • - Timeout in name entry mode. If you leave it sat there without entering your initials, it will time out in about a minute, still save the score but save the initials as "- - -"
  • - Access to menu on power-up or during "high score table" screen in attract mode - hold down "left" and "fire" (for ~2 seconds when in attract mode)


This kit plugs into your 8085 socket


Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing.

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12 May 2020

Pleiades HS Save kit

Been waiting for an easy install HS kit for my Phoenix and Pleiades for a while now. Finally have one that works great, save several high scores, and is very simple to install!

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