Phoenix Free Play and High Score Save Kit

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Software Selectable DIPs for - --- number of lives --- bonus score --- coin... more
Product information "Phoenix Free Play and High Score Save Kit"

Software Selectable DIPs for -

  • --- number of lives
  • --- bonus score
  • --- coin settings
  • --- freeplay or not
  • --- sound in attract mode
  • --- enable or disable 204K point bug


  • - attract maintained in freeplay mode
  • - sound in attract mode (selectable on/off) - this works apart from the background noise in the mothership attract stage where the CPU just can't manage it
  • - enable or disable the bug that gives ~204K bonus (yes, it's a bug)
  • - high scores saved to FRAM (no batteries)
  • - 5 position high score table (there's plenty more NVRAM, just no space on the screen)
  • - enter your initials (3 letters only, "old-school")
  • - print "FREEPLAY" on screen in freeplay mode and don't display credits
  • - don't ask to insert coins in freeplay mode
  • - you can remove the existing game ROMs from the flaky sockets

To access the settings menu -

Hold left and fire on power up, or, left and fire for 2 seconds at the high score table attract screen...


This kit plugs into your 8085 socket


Please check out the installation instructions before purchase/installing.

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12 May 2020

Phoenix HS save kit

Been waiting for an easy install HS kit for my Phoenix and Pleiades for a while now. Finally have one that works great, save several high scores, and is very simple to install!

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