Monster Bash Remake Pinball Unboxing!

This is a fun one to write about! Took plenty of pics and am excited to add a pinball again to my arcade collection!!!

Long story, but, I will shorten it up by posting a restoration thread I did years ago on Monster Bash. I sold it when I exited the pinball scene and have missed this game ever since. The MBr is the only pin I own as of writing and think that the bug has bitten me once again, thanks to Chicago Gaming Company! Bastards!

Here is a link to the $1,000,000 Monster Bash restore on KLOV forums –

Well, I ordered the MBr from back in July of 2018, the day it was announced! Actually, I ordered 2. One for myself and one for my buddy Kent. During that time, the family and I moved to Minnesota. Well, sent some emails to Greg @ PinballPro and let him know I moved. Well, about a year later I get a call saying that MBr is going to ship, so settle up for your MBrLE! Yeppers! I sent an ACH payment to him and didn’t hear anything back….why would I? I was about to send an email asking how things are going….I get a call from R&L Transport saying my game is in MN and would I take delivery of it tomorrow. YEEEEEEESSSSS! Of course. ?

Delivery was smooth as silk. Asked the driver if he’d help me put it inside (instead of the garage) for a quick $50. He did.

This is where the pics start! (Each pic is clickable for full detail.)

The delivery of “The Box of Doom!”

Number 1042 out of 1250

The “coffin that the topper came in. I didn’t take pics of it inside the box, but 4 wood screws were removed and 4 more to unfasten from inside

It peeks it’s head out of the box! Love the detail to the lock down bar…

Putting on the legs. I used felt and plastic guards

Playfield pics –

I think I will order a 12v DBA…

Installation of DBA –

Game pics –


A few cool “mods”

Alternative back glass


Original MBrLE Back Translite –

New Alternative Backglass –

PDI Glass – and a pyramid mod I saw on ebay last year (not meant for the MBr, but works and looks great!

Gory Flipper caps – Ebay link

Probably not needed….surge protector from Amazon

Logo change! Ability to add any 320×80 .bmp file 

and the only wax to use….


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