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Atari 5k pot (potentiometer) with slip clutch NOS

Atari 5k pot (potentiometer) with slip clutch NOS
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  • 5KPOT
These are actual NOS Atari 5k pots TYPE EJ with the special slip-clutch feature. These were... more
Product information "Atari 5k pot (potentiometer) with slip clutch NOS"

These are actual NOS Atari 5k pots TYPE EJ with the special slip-clutch feature. These were used by all Atari games which used 5k pots.

Games they work in, could be more -

  • Warlords
  • Paperboy
  • Star Wars
  • Pole Position
  • Return of the Jedi
  • APB
  • Road Blasters
  • Championship Sprint
  • Super Sprint
  • Lunar Lander

The slip-clutch was very important and innovative in that it prolonged the life of the pot by preventing damage from over torquing.

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Do these pots have stop points?

Do these pots have stop points?  I thought there is a "slip clutch" feature?

That's how they're designed. I had an upright warlords with factory pots, and they have a stopping point, but the slip clutch allows you to keep on turning it past the stop point without damaging the pot if you force it to turn.

But ? "The one I just bought from HSS has HARD stopping points and as I mentioned, it cannot be turned the full 360 degrees."

Yep, that is correct - They're pots, not tempest spinners. If you wrench on it enough, it *will* turn, but won't break internally like a normal pot would. So, consider it a feature that keeps them from breaking when abused.

... they work great and like described, they stop but if you really get on them like a drunk they slip on purpose. ;)

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